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Campus Sexual Assaults and Alcohol---US Government in Denial

The harsh reality of frequent campus sexual assaults has received much attention over the past few years. However, mitigating alcohol excesses is rarely mentioned as an effective, if not essential, preventive measure.

Two reports were issued during the last week of April 2014.   The first was issued by the President's Task Force on Campus Sexual Assaults.   The second was issued be the Pentagon concerned with the same issue but related to military personnel.  The Task Force Report only mentions alcohol twice, in a footnote and text, with neither citing alcohol as a primary fuel for campus sexual assaults or citing mitigation of binge drinking and other alcohol excesses as one of the preventive measures.

In contrast, the Pentagon recognizes the significant role of alcohol as evidenced by the following excerpt from a Washington Post article published May 1, 2014:

"Alcohol was a factor in as many as half the cases, officials said. In response, Hagel said he had ordered the military to conduct a broad review of alcohol policies. Defense officials said they weren’t contemplating alcohol bans, but wanted to find ways to discourage the kind of binge drinking that often precedes sexual assaults."

The Pentagon gets it, but the President's Task Force does not.  Why?

Unless the issues of binge drinking and other excesses related to campus alcohol use is addressed, the other necessary initiatives called for in the Task Force's first report cannot be effective.  There only will be more victims.


NOT ALONE-The First Report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault

The need for the Task Force to address campus alcohol excesses was brought to the Task Force's attention:

Statement Submitted to White House Task Force Listening Sessions on February 23, 2014

Campus Sexual Assaults---Media Reports with Repeated Emphasis on Role of Alcohol

Pentagon Report on Military Sexual Assaults-FY 2013


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