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University of Arizona in the Press

University of Arizona Please guys, don't die on spring break-3/12/16 “Student view---Negative consequences can be anything from a simple hangover to blacking out. With heavy drinking also comes the “increase of promiscuity” and the risk of getting sexually transmitted infections.”
University of Arizona UA Rave promotes alcohol-free partying-4/28/15 “The rave was a good opportunity for students to have something to do on a Saturday night while being educated on the dangers of alcohol at the same time.”
University of Arizona Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity closed at University of Arizona, graphic details of hazing released in letter-3/26/15 This is the sixth fraternity at the University of Arizona to be shut down in recent years due to alleged conduct violations.”
University of Arizona Boo to Dartmouth’s brand new booze policy-2/11/15 Student view---“. Let’s treat rapists like rapists — they’re in the wrong, not hapless victims of binge-drinking culture. Universities should forward policies that emphasize that basic fact, including those that allow for outreach, education and support of victims.”
University of Arizona Why Are So Many University of Arizona Frats in Trouble?-12/11/14 “Most frats have strayed from th”ose founding principles, but if only they could return to their roots, there would be far fewer houses in trouble.
University of Arizona Column: Alcohol reform sobers up colleges drunk on deceit-11/5/14 Student view----“ A federal law, passed in the early 1980s, raised the legal drinking age to 21 and compelled states to raise their legal drinking age, too. Colleges had little choice but to revise their alcohol policies. Since then, college campuses have been locked in an internal war with underage drinking and intoxication.”
University of Arizona Alcohol consumption rates show decline in recent years-9/15/14 “According to Campus Health, the average number of drinks consumed per week decreased from 7.6 to 4.4, heavy episodic drinking decreased from 13.5 percent to 6.1 percent.”
University of Arizona Fraternity Fallout: FIJI leaders close chapter at University of Arizona-8/5/14 “The U of A is in the process of signing a lease with FIJI leaders so it can turn the former fraternity house into a residence hall.”
University of Arizona What Year's Worth Of Campus Blotter Reports For One Party School Looks Like-7/30/14 “Some portions are highlighted in bold as particularly noteworthy, unusual, or because they show the danger of getting too intoxicated.”
University of Arizona Fraternity Fallout Part 2 Father talks about U of A FIJI deaths-7/24/14 “Reports say Forrester also had the nickname, "Black-out Willie."  "For someone to have that sort of nickname and not sort of, not realize that that's a real problem and do something about it, is just really inexcusable," said Chip Forrester.””
University of Arizona Fraternity Fallout Part 1 University of Arizona FIJI president speaks-7/23/14 “Following the investigation into Anderson's death, the University of Arizona Police Department cited the president and vice president of FIGI with charges of serving alcohol to minors.”
University of Arizona FIJI placed under interim suspension pending UA investigation-7/9/14 “The letter said that FIJI poses “a substantial risk to members of the university community” and is therefore placed under interim suspension of recognition.”
University of Arizona Worldwide drinking dares trend hits UA-2/23/14 ““This ridiculous game should not be appealing to UA students because there should be greater things to do than chugging alcohol and spending the night in the hospital.””
University of Arizonia UA's alcohol education program reaches out to high school students-9/9/13 “Instead of using traditional tactics, such as lecturing students, some say The Buzz brings a new way of educating students on alcohol and risk reduction.”
University of Arizona George Huguely's drunk murder should force students to voice concerns-3/8/12 Student article---“ The UA has programs for all students with substance abuse problems as well. First, Counseling and Psychological Services gives confidential short-term counseling. Second, the alcohol and other drug prevention program, which is part of Health Promotion & Preventive Services, has risk reduction programs for students, presentations, and an educational class called SHADE.”
University of Arizona Medical marijuana ban to hit campuses-2/23/12 Student article-“ Institutions of higher education cannot receive funds or financial assistance under any federal program unless there is a ban on use of illicit drugs and abuse of alcohol on campus, according to the UA drug free statement.”
University of Arizona Greeks kick off drug awareness-10/11/11 Student article---“Her sorority hosted a question-and-answer session with a University of Arizona Police Department officer on Monday for UA community members to have an “open time” to ask about drugs and alcohol.”
University of Arizona Arrests down from ’09-9/2/10 “Whenever there’s an excuse for partying, whether it be the homecoming, graduation, and especially during the first week of school we usually see several patients each evening who are sick enough to come to the emergency room,” he said. “And it’s not just drunk, it’s levels of alcohol toxicity that put a person at a high risk for death that lead them to be taken to the emergency room.””

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Arizona Students

University's page Wilson Waters Forrester, April 2, 2011, University of Arizona More Information Wilson was found unresponsive in his Fiji fraternity house and lost his life soon thereafter.   Tests showed significant alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs in his system.
University's page Michael Anderson, 19, April 4, 2014, University of Arizona More Information Michael lost his life after falling from a dormitory’s 20 foot cooling tower around 4:30 am.  Michael and another student were climbing the tower.  A fellow student told police that Michael was drinking during the evening.  A taxi driver who picked up Michael and his friends hours before the accident said that they were all “buzzed” at the time.  His blood/alcohol level was twice the legal limit for driving.
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