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Arizona State University


Arizona State University in the Press

Arizona State University Program traces source of liquor to underage drinkers-10/7/14 “Even though these individuals have made the choice to drink, placing responsibility on the people or establishments supplying that alcohol is a key component to reducing underage drinking.”
Arizona State University Arizona State Clamps Down on Tailgating, Some Fans Predict Lower Game Turnout-8/14/14 “The rules ban kegs or any other “common source of alcohol,” “drinking apparatuses” such as beer bongs and “drinking games” such as “beer pong, shot gunning, and flip cup.””
Arizona State University Richardson: Tempe police need permanent solutions to party problems-4/4/14 “The area around ASU can be a dangerous place to be. Tempe has the dead bodies to prove it.”
Arizona State University Richardson: ASU student death a mixture of Tempe's college, alcohol, revenue-4/1/14 “McClendon is the sixth, seventh or maybe it’s even the eighth student to die a tragic death in Tempe during the last few years.”
Arizona State University Police release report of ASU student's beating Police release report of ASU student's beating-11/2/13 “Police say the 19-year-old student had a blood alcohol level that was almost four times the legal limit after a night of heavy drinking. He told police he couldn't remember anything about the fight or what led up to it.”
Arizona State University ASU professor's lab pays students to get drunk-7/22/11 “The lab is one of about a dozen around the country where students drink in the name of science and scientists study their reactions, hoping to better understand how alcohol affects behavior and decision making.”  “Ongoing research indicates that young people, mainly ages 18 to 25, are at the highest risk of developing alcohol problems. College students are more likely to be heavier drinkers than those the same age who aren't in school.”
Arizonia State Unversity ASU fraternities move off campus, into chaos-9/8/13 History of ASU fraternity life and results when moved off campus
Arizona State University Teen girl, ASU student burned during party in Tempe-3/26/13 “The incident serves as a reminder of what can happen when people drink too much and when minors engage in underage drinking.”
Arizona State University ASU student pleads not guilty in explosion at frat party-3/26/13 “A 21-year-old Arizona State University student pleaded not guilty to assault and endangerment charges after two young women were seriously burned by an exploding bottle of liquor that was thrown onto a bonfire at a fraternity party.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Arizona State University Students

Naomi McClendon, 18, March 30, 2014, Arizona State University More Information Naomi lost her life after falling from a 10th floor balcony.  A surveillance video showed that she was clearly intoxicated prior to entering a friend’s apartment where the balcony was located.   Naomi had attended a party held by a banned fraternity where binge drinking was encouraged prior to her tragic end.
James Rigg, 22, (former student), October 11, 2011, Arizona State University More Information James, a former student and member of the ASU swim team, lost his life when he and an ASU alumnus broke into the ASU pull in the early morning hours.  James drowned and his companion was cited for trespassing.  James’ companion stated that James had consumed somewhere between four and six drinks during the evening.
Jack Culolias, 19, November 30, 2012, Arizona State University More Information Jack was reported missing on November 30 and was found in an area river on December 16.  Jack was witnessed to be severely intoxicated previously that evening.  Test showed that he had a blood-alcohol level of 0.28 percent.  Jack’s parent filed suit against his fraternity for allowing underaged binge drinking.
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