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Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Auburn Students

Auburn University Study reveals danger-soaked side of drinking games-1/20/11 Auburn Study “showed a correlation between participation in drinking games and alcohol-related problems. Problems included having trouble studying, experiencing withdrawal symptoms and going to school or work drunk.”
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Andrew Jackson Thurmond IV, September 24, 2008, Auburn University How and why? Alcohol and speed may have been factors in a three-car wreck that killed one Andrew and left another injured and sent three other people to the hospital  according to a written statement issued by  the Lee County Coroner.  Tests showed that Andrew had a blood/alcohol level of .76.
Mary Beth Goodner, 22, March 17, 2011, Auburn University  How and why? After falling down a stairwell, Mary Beth was found not breathing, slumped over and positioned between the spiral stairwell and a concrete wall. The medical examiner’s report stated that she was intoxicated at the time of the fall.

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Federal Law addressing campus drinking

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