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Ball State University OUR VIEW: Ball State students need to learn, practice responsibility-8/26/11 Although most of the alcohol incidents take place off campus, the university does bear some responsibility to try to minimize the opportunities for student mischief.”
Ball State University College Crackdown Nabs Students-Fake IDs, Underage Drinking In Crosshairs-8/29/11 “Students at Ball State, Indiana University, Indiana State and Notre Dame were ticketed for underage drinking and using fake IDs in a crackdown designed to cut down on alcohol consumption.”
Ball State University Communities have role in keeping students sober-10/1/10 Editorial regarding lessons that should be learned from death of IU student at Ball State.  “There are evidence-based approaches that can be implemented to reduce alcohol and drug use, including increasing law enforcement activities, restricting alcohol advertising and price promotions, and providing alcohol-free student activities.”
Ball State University Binge drinking, blackouts an increasing problem among college students-9/14/11 Student article with important information on risks:  "We see a lot of people with physical injuries, broken bones, bruises or sprains and cuts ... from falling and hurting themselves while they're intoxicated,"
Ball State University Ball State's Alcohol Awareness Week begins-10/10/10 "We started talking about alcohol awareness and talking about education, not about abstinence," he said. "I think it's geared more towards education risks that are involved with consuming alcohol."
Ball State University IU student death underscores need for campus and community involvement to reduce underage and high-risk drinking-10/1/10 IU student died during visit to Ball State.  Author stated in part: “The consequences of poor judgment by college students can be too severe for campus administrators to look the other way.  Although the students are adults in the legal sense, their brains are not fully matured, challenging their ability to make sound decisions.  We must ensure that the communities in which students pursue a college education are safe and that the campus environment does not inadvertently facilitate underage or excessive alcohol use.”
Indiana Colleges Proposed Bill Would Allow Guns On College Campuses-12/7/11 “"Alcohol plays a big role in people's weekends, and people using (a gun) responsibly will be an issue,"” IU Junior TL said. ----- “"Ever since the disappearance of Lauren Spierer, I've been kind of scared (for my safety)," said IU junior EJ. "To have one for protection, I think it's a good idea. It's in our Bill of Rights, so I'd say go for it."”
Indiana Colleges Amnesty bill promoted by Purdue students signed-5/5/12 “The Senate Enrolled Act 274, also known as the “Indiana Lifeline Law,” is to encourage miners to seek emergency assistance for friends rather than not calling and leaving them in medical peril.  “In too many cases, and one would be too many, students were hesitant to come to the aid, or summon aid, to a friend who had over indulged in alcohol and sometimes with tragic consequences,” Daniels said.”
Indiana Colleges Gov. Daniels signs Lifeline bill into law-3/18/12 “Those who seek medical help for an underage intoxicated friend in the state of Indiana will now be able to receive limited protection under the newly signed Indiana Lifeline Law.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Ball State Students

Travis Smith, January 27, 2007, Ball State University How and why? Travis died Saturday in Muncie when the car he was riding in struck another vehicle, only a few blocks from the Ball State University campus. The driver in the accident that killed freshman Travis Smith, had a blood alcohol level of .04 after the accident on Jan. 27
Andrea Tallant, 19, March 19, 2007, Ball State University How and why? Andrea was killed in a crash as she drove the wrong way on Interstate 69.  Her blood/alcohol level was .18.
Jarrod Polston, 18, September 11, 2010, Indiana University student visiting Ball State How and why? Jarrod was an Indiana University student visiting friends at Ball State University when he died in a dormitory room after partying with friends.  Tests determined that Jarrod had a toxic level of methadone in his system and tested positive for marijuana. According to the Delaware County Coroner, Jarrod had been using methadone and drinking alcohol.

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