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Boston University


Boston University in the Press

Boston University Drop in Alcohol-Related Student Hospital Runs Last Semester-1/20/16 “Bystander training, where students learn to intervene safely with an obviously drunk peer, has been crucial, because “when the students are policing themselves,” drunkenness problems decline.”
Boston University Alcohol hospitalizations increased from last fall semester-2/5/15

In the fall 2014 semester, 112 students were transported to a hospital for intoxication, compared to 89 students transported in 2013.”

Boston University Boston University institutes program to reduce binge drinking-12/5/14 “This initiative began in 2011 when approximately 250 students were hospitalized for alcohol related problems at BU alone and alcohol abuse caused multiple problems at other Boston area schools.”
Boston University Suspended BU fraternities look to regain official status-9/1/14 “……, a College of Engineering senior, said fraternities at BU are pushing to overcome the negative stigma sometimes associated with participating in Greek life.”
Boston University BU cracks down on student drinking-2/15/14 “Compared with the fall semester, the number of alcohol-related hospitalizations among BU students is up 7 percent so far this semester, including 11 students who had to go to the hospital in the past week as a result of excessive drinking.”
Boston University Police cracking down on drinking violations around BU-8/30/13 “Boston police are cracking down on alcohol violations in areas surrounding the Boston University campus, vowing to arrest offenders beginning in September, officials told a university publication.”
Boston University Incoming BU freshmen must take alcohol education course-6/13/13 “Campus officials say more than 35 percent of their freshmen do not drink alcohol, but they also say their student body is more likely to believe that all students drink.”
Boston University Colleges pledge to squelch dangerous rites of hazing-5/2/12 “Alpha Epsilon Pi closed its Boston University chapter after police found five pledges stripped to their underwear, bound and covered in chili sauce and other condiments in the fraternity house basement.”
Boston University Boston U. Students Face Expulsion in Apparent Hazing Incident-4/10/12 Police found “found five students tied up in the basement, duct-taped wrist-to-wrist and wearing only underwear. They had welts on their backs, and their bodies were covered with hot sauce and other food.”
Boston University Policy in the works to encourage drunk UNH students to seek help-8/25/10 “Other New England schools that have a Good Samaritan Policy include the University of Vermont, University of Maine, Boston University, Yale University, Brown University and Dartmouth College.”
Boston University Drinking collaborative establishes guidelines-7/8/11 Representatives from 32 colleges and universities meet in the newly formed Collaborative on High-Risk Drinking, including Duke University ---- More information on the Learning Collaborative at  http://www.nchip.org/
Boston University BU Joins Binge Drinking Study-5/16/11 Announces that “BU is one of 14 institutions participating in Dartmouth’s Learning Collaborative on High-Risk Drinking.”
Boston colleges Colleges take sensible steps to combat binge-drinking-9/5/11 “Boston officials, meanwhile, are targeting bars and liquor stores that sell alcohol to underage students.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Boston University Students

Stephen Adelipour, 21, February 24, 2007, Boston University How and why? Stephen died in a fire in off-campus housing.  The fire was caused by a candle left lit after a power outage; it also followed a small party in the apartment, neighbors said.
Rhiannon McCuish, 21, February 24, 2007, Boston University How and why? Rhiannon died in a fire in off-campus housing.  The fire was caused by a candle left lit after a power outage; it also followed a small party in the apartment, neighbors said.
Derek Crowl, March 16, 2007, Bloomsburg University, visiting friend at Boston University How and why? A four-alarm fire at 49 St. Mary's St. was started by a burning piece of charcoal that ignited the rear wooden porch of the third-floor off-campus apartment.  Derek had arrived in Boston on Thursday evening to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with his friends, officials said. Crowl, who was a Bloomsburg University sophomore, was found near a closet in a bedroom next to the kitchen and probably died of smoke inhalation.
Babur Z. Khalique, September 19, 2009, Boston University How and why? Babur fell from a third floor apartment balcony after drinking alcohol through the day and evening.
Anthony Barksdale II, 19, March 1, 2013, Boston University More Information Anthony lost his life due to alcohol poisoning after a frat party which school officials described as “an underage booze bash.”  The fraternity was suspended as result of the tragedy.
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