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Brown University in the Press

Brown University Undergrads question new alcohol policy-1/22/15 “Other students critiqued the new alcohol policy for its potential to encourage more students to drink off campus, where the University is not legally responsible for their actions.”
Brown University Brown University Dries Up Frat Parties and Angers Students-1/23/15 “Brown's alcohol ban—which Nickel says is temporary—could buy the university a semester to formulate alcohol policies that reach a middle ground with students and promote safer partying, or it could force drinking into the shadows, potentially putting students in even more danger. It's too early to tell.”
Brown University Editorial: Get it together-2/23/15 We cannot keep reacting to issues of sexual assault and alcohol consumption as though they are new to college campuses.”  “Why do we not have clear sentencing and transparency guidelines for these crimes that regularly occur on college campuses, including Brown?”
Brown University Ivy League alcohol policy roundup-2/22/15 Brown prohibits alcohol in all residential areas, including Greek houses, and events with alcohol may only be held in supervised public areas for students of legal age.”
Brown University Prohibition at Brown? We’ll see-2/5/15 Student view:” Though I still hesitate to compare Brown’s situation to Prohibition, a historical comparison may be useful in predicting the policy’s outcome: Prohibition failed.”
Brown University Brown announces sanctions against two fraternities-1/19/15 The two incidents described in this letter involve unregistered parties hosted by fraternities. In both cases, no individual member of either fraternity was charged with sexual misconduct. These student organizations were found responsible for creating an environment that facilitated sexual misconduct through improperly monitored spaces and inadequate safeguards surrounding the service of alcohol.”
Brown University Editorial: Drying out campus-11/4/14 Student view---“ There are costs to all these approaches, and perhaps the one that promotes the greatest change to the culture of Greek parties would be to dry them out for a fixed period of time, to underscore the need for a more responsible and self-aware community at Brown.”
Brown University Brown student says she was sexually assaulted after drinking alcoholic punch at frat party-10/27/14 “The students who drank the punch reported “a rapid onset of intoxication,” beyond what would be expected for the amount they had to drink, and “memory loss for a significant period of time.””
Brown University Drinking collaborative establishes guidelines-7/8/11 Representatives from 32 colleges and universities meet in the newly formed Collaborative on High-Risk Drinking, including Duke University ---- More information on the Learning Collaborative at  http://www.nchip.org/
Brown University Editorial: Elephant in the room-4/7/11 Student editorial: “We must strive to make Brown a place where sexual violence is completely unacceptable and where victims receive proper attention without stigma.”
Brown University URI’s safe ride-3/1/11 Brown student reviewing merits of Univ. of RI’s Providence shuttle and community’s concern that it severs as transportation to bars.
Brown University College Parties, Minus the Beer Binges -2/16/11 Various campus have regular alcohol-free events as an alternative to unavoidable exposure to drinking.  “An "Art Gallery Mocktail Party" at fall orientation for the past two years has drawn 20% of incoming freshman," says organizer Halie Rando, a senior at Brown. Students viewed comical art exhibits, such as gym socks hanging from the ceiling, while meeting new, non-drinking friends.”
Brown University Policy in the works to encourage drunk UNH students to seek help-8/25/10 “Other New England schools that have a Good Samaritan Policy include the University of Vermont, University of Maine, Boston University, Yale University, Brown University and Dartmouth College.”


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