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Cal Poly State University


Cal Poly State University in the Press

California Polytechnic State University No one should binge drink-5/3/16 Student view—“ If the average college student is statistically consuming an astronomically intoxicating nine standard-sized drinks in two hours, the results can lead to death not only by alcohol intoxication and poisoning but also death by actions influenced by alcohol.”
California Polytechnic State University Friday Night Live encourages Cal Poly students to make healthy choices-12/10/14 “Cal Poly is one of the few college campuses in the country to operate a Friday Night Live program, and the first and only university in California to operate one, according to the organization’s coordinators.”
California Polytechnic State University A pub at Cal Poly? Campus alcohol policies under review-10/23/13 “One of the things I was hearing is that it is a dry campus, but the first week I was here it was undried several times,””
California Polytechnic State University Cal Poly Brings Back Freshman Pledging After Lobbying-10/15/13 “Carson Starkey, whose death prompted the Cal Poly ban, hadn’t planned on joining a fraternity until he arrived at the public university of 19,000 on the central California coast. One out of six undergraduates there participate in Greek life.”
California Polytechnic State University Columnists assess Labor Day booze ban: Students should be able to drink-8/27/13 “But one death should not determine the fate of the rest of those who want to enjoy themselves while floating. Some may choose to participate, but others may not due to the fact that drinking is no longer allowed.”
California Polytechnic Sororities play ball to stop hazing-10/16/11 Student action against hazing and protecting those who drink too much.
California Polytechnic Institution Binge drinking common, say Poly students-5/21/11 Survey results: “Cal Poly students who consistently drink are largely doing it off-campus at private homes or apartments. More than half of them are underage, and many of them admit to binge drinking.”
California Poly San Luis Obispo Three rapes reported at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in nine days-5/18/11 “All of the women were reported to have been intoxicated and unconscious at the time of the assaults. The rapes are described by police as unrelated crimes, each committed by a different man.”
California Polytechnic Institution Talk to college-bound kids about dangers of alcohol-9/8/10 Parents’ of recently deceased freshman’s plea: “We urge parents to take a firm stand with their sons and daughters against hazing. Some experts believe as many as 75 percent of American college students endure some form of hazing.  Tell your students that these activities are not harmless pranks. Tell them that, at best, hazing is mean spirited; at worst, it is Russian roulette that ends beautiful lives.”
California Polytechnic Institution Starkeys approved of Cal Poly fraternity role for son-7/16/10 Parent’s view that pledging after first semester on campus may have prevented son’s demise.
California State Universities Environmental Prevention Strategies Significantly Reduce College Drinking-11/23/10 “Community-based, well-publicized environmental interventions can significantly reduce drinking and intoxication at off-campus locations, a multi-year experimental study performed at 14 universities in California found.”
California State University Education lauded in drinking decrease-9/27/11 “Research gathered every two years by CSU alcohol policies and prevention programs showed reductions in underage drinking, as well as an increase in students who seek medical attention for their intoxicated friends.”
California State University-All S.F. State, other CSU campuses adopt technology to help combat alcohol poisoning deaths-8/4/13 “San Francisco State University and the other 22 California State University campuses are rolling out a mobile app this coming semester to help combat alcohol poisoning-related deaths.”
California State University-All CSU Campuses Spreading Message About Alcohol Poisoning Press Release-8/1/13 ” Aware Awake Alive communicates to high school and college students directly with a “Drunk or dying?” message that is simple, actionable and non-judgmental. Web-based tools are designed to be intuitive and simple to use for young people and those who influence them, like parents and teachers.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Cal Poly State University Students

Carson Starkey, 18, December 2, 2008, Cal Poly More Information Carson died after being found unresponsive in a local home. Carson was subjected to hazing by Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA  during a Big Brother initiation. Carson lost his life from alcohol poisoning after being left alone to sleep it off.
Matthew Hurlbutt, 22, April 4, 2010, California Polytechnic More Information Matthew lost his life when stuck by a pick-up truck while walking on the highway.   Matthew had what was described as high levels of marijuana and cocaine in his blood as well as alcohol.
Kent Boswell, 22, February 8, 2014, California Polytechnic More Information Kent lost his life when hit by a car while walking the middle of the road early in the morning.  Tests showed that his blood/alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit.
Brett Olson, 20, September 2, 2012, California State Polytechnic University More Information Brett lost his life when he drown while participating in an annual Labor Day weekend rafting gathering on at a spot called "Beer Can Beach."  Brett was rafting on the Sacramento River.  The event attracts thousands, largely college students and is described as an “alcohol –fueled, all-day event. Tests showed that his blood alcohol level was .28.
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