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California State University-Chico


California State University-Chico in the Press

Chico State University Students should be aware of hazing past in Greek community-2/4/15 With this week being the start of recruitment, it is important that Chico State students remain wary of hazing.  After all, a law could not eradicate hazing from the Greek system so how could a mere four month suspension?”
Chico State University Hazing death of Matthew Carrington still reverberates on Chico State campus 10 years later-1/31/15 Part of the response was to stress the importance of bystanders helping people in need.”
Chico State University Prohibition on campuses doesn’t encourage safe drinking habits-1/24/15 Student view—“ By making our campus effectively a dry one, we have forfeited a campus bar or pub where the intent is not to make profit but to provide a service that could actually look out for student safety.”
Chico State University College hazing rituals come under new fire after death of FAMU marching band student-12/9/11 “In 2005, Matthew Carrington died during Chi Tau's "Hell Week" in California. Junior fraternity brothers were in charge and were told to be tough on the pledges. “  “Both were sober, according to police reports.  They were forced to do pushups and answer trivia questions. Through it all, Carrington and Quintana were ordered to drink from a five-gallon jug of water, which was repeatedly filled over and over while fans blasted icy air onto their wet bodies. The young men urinated and vomited on themselves. Then, according to DA Ramsey, something went terribly wrong.  Carrington collapsed and began to seizure. Carrington was taken to the hospital where his heart stopped and was pronounced dead from water intoxication, which caused the swelling of his brain and lungs.”
Chico State University 4 Campuses Respond to Risky Drinking-12/4/14 “The university is trying a variety of measures, including more regulation, parent education, and quicker intervention when trouble arises.”
Chico State University Chico State University: Student code of conduct not place for community alcohol concerns-11/26/13 “Despite some community interest, university officials and the California State University system board of trustees are not interested in expanding the university's jurisdiction.”
Chico State University Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week marked-10/26/13 The "Every 27 Minutes" presentation was held Monday through Wednesday to bring awareness to the preventable problem — that a college student dies of alcohol overdose every 27 minutes.”
Chico State University Red Watch Band helps intoxicated students-9/3/13 “The Red Watch Band ……… which has inspired and trained students to take a stand against alcohol abuse in bars full of intoxicated drinkers who are sometimes one shot away from death.”
Chico State University Alcohol watchdogs honored at public festival-5/13/13 “Chico State President Paul Zingg held the Call for Community Action Summit earlier this year after multiple students died from alcohol-related causes. At the summit, students, community leaders and business owners addressed Chico’s alcohol and drug problems.”
Chico State University University to hold summit on booze problem-2/20/13 “A survey conducted by the Chico State Student Health Center revealed that 35 percent of incoming freshmen at the university reported having had more than five drinks in one sitting within a two-week period.”
Chico State University Chico State fraternity put on probation for semester-2/24/12 “Phi Kappa Tau, a Chico State University fraternity, has been put on probation for the rest of the semester because it broke two rules on alcohol use.”
California State Universities Environmental Prevention Strategies Significantly Reduce College Drinking-11/23/10 “Community-based, well-publicized environmental interventions can significantly reduce drinking and intoxication at off-campus locations, a multi-year experimental study performed at 14 universities in California found.”
California State University Education lauded in drinking decrease-9/27/11 “Research gathered every two years by CSU alcohol policies and prevention programs showed reductions in underage drinking, as well as an increase in students who seek medical attention for their intoxicated friends.”
California State University-All S.F. State, other CSU campuses adopt technology to help combat alcohol poisoning deaths-8/4/13 “San Francisco State University and the other 22 California State University campuses are rolling out a mobile app this coming semester to help combat alcohol poisoning-related deaths.”
California State University-All CSU Campuses Spreading Message About Alcohol Poisoning Press Release-8/1/13 ” Aware Awake Alive communicates to high school and college students directly with a “Drunk or dying?” message that is simple, actionable and non-judgmental. Web-based tools are designed to be intuitive and simple to use for young people and those who influence them, like parents and teachers.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving California State University-Chico Students

John-Paul Sbragia-Zoricic, 20, September 27, 2008, Chico State More Information A Union Pacific train struck junior John-Paul  about 3:30 a.m. Sunday on the tracks north of West First Street. Police investigating the death of John-Paul  believe alcohol was a contributing factor. 
James Lowder, 18, November 15, 2013, Chico State More Information James lost his life when hit by a train after leaving a party.  His blood/alcohol level was measured to be .20.
Bryant Mata-Adams, 19, January 28, 2014, Chico State More Information Bryant lost his life in an automobile crash in which one other student died and left the 18 year old driver in critical condition.  The driver’s blood alcohol content level was .06 percent and he a "significant" amount of marijuana in his blood stream at the time.
Austin Silver, 20, January 26, 2014, Chico State More Information Austin lost his life in an automobile crash in which one other student died and left the 18 year old driver in critical condition.  The driver’s blood alcohol content level was .06 percent and he a "significant" amount of marijuana in his blood stream at the time.
Marcus Nelson, 21, June 17, 2011, (Enrolled at Butte College, but not yet student) (Intoxicated driver attended Chico State University More Information Marcus lost his life in an automobile accident.  Marcus was a passenger in a vehicle driven by a Chico State student whose blood/alcohol level was three times the legal limit.  A Butte College student also lost his life in the accident.
Carly Callaghan, 22, September 16, 2012, Chico State University More Information Carly lost her life after consuming a lethal combination of alcohol and drugs.  Tests showed her alcohol level was .14 percent.  Prozac and a high level of morphine were also in her system.
Mason Sumnicht, 21, November 15, 2012, Chico State University More Information Mason lost his life after drinking 21 shots on his 21st birthday at his fraternity.
Marissa Madrid, 22, April 28, 2013, Chico State University More Information Marissa lost her life when she fell from a tree in a recreational area early in the morning. Madrid was on a branch about 20 feet off the ground when she lost her balance, fell and struck her head on concrete. A companion told police she had been drinking in downtown bars earlier in the evening.  Her blood/alcohol level was tested to be .11.
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