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University of Central Florida Editorial: How to Deal with Drinking on the UCF Campus-9/5/11 “At the same time, the recent action to suspend all “wet events” by the UCF Greek Council is one of the worst decisions anyone could make. This wont stop people from drinking, it’ll stop fraternities and sororities from registering their events with alcohol. That means instead of having all the tough measures about security, and steps to check ID’s to prevent underage drinking, there will be more under-the-UCF-radar house parties and pre-games, where underage drinkers will have an easier time getting to alcohol.”
University of Central Florida Back away from binge drinking-9/5/11 Student view:  “It will also be incumbent upon us to remember to be responsible when consuming alcohol. No prevention strategy can account for every circumstance in which students might find themselves engaging in excessive drinking; therefore, we must all take it upon ourselves to make sure we are acting responsibly when it comes to this issue. There is much that universities can do to prevent excessive drinking on college campuses, but changing our own mindsets and behaviors is the only way to truly reverse this dangerous trend.”
University of Central Florida Greek houses under probation-8/31/11 Reaction to recent student death at sorority house
University of Central Florida SGA pushes for alcohol policy-Students protected under proposed plan—9/14/11 “The UCF “Student Government Association is working to garner the support needed to finally enact an alcohol emergency policy at UCF by semester's end.  The policy would protect underage students from school-enforced punishment if they call 911 for an alcohol-related emergency. However, the policy would not shield students from criminal charges for underage drinking.”
University of Central Florida UCF bans alcohol at greek events; similar move unlikely at UF-9/13/11 UF student article on Univ. Central Florida’s reaction to a student death.
Central Florida UCF students vote for 'alcohol emergency' policy after Ann Hefferin's death-9/28/11 More than 80 percent of the about 4,100 students who answered the question said they want an "alcohol emergency" policy, which the university has been considering creating for several years now.”  (Tests on Ann Hefferin showed that she lost her life from a bacterial infection and had very little alcohol in her system.)
Central Florida University UCF Fraternities and Sororities Lift Ban On Alcohol, Impose New Restrictions-10//13/11 New policies will replace the moratorium, including a ban on all Interfraternity Council events with alcohol for the first six weeks of every semester. Another policy put in place by the Interfraternity council includes having third party security present whenever a fraternity boards a bus to attend any social event with alcohol.”
University of Central Florida New Voices: UCF must address problem of students drinking and driving-10/22/11 Student editorial in major newspaper-“ Ask any police officer what the real alcohol problem is around UCF, and he or she will tell you it's not alcohol poisoning; it's drinking and driving.”  “Perhaps UCF needs to take a step back and see what the real problem is. Banning college students from drinking rarely works. Let's try to be realistic and create a safe environment for young people.”
University of Central Florida Alcohol safety policy passes-Amnesty given in drinking-related crises-4/8/12 “The policy is designed to reduce students’ fear of possible disciplinary action from the university. Under the plan, students who call for medical assistance when alcohol-related emergencies arise will not be subject to disciplinary action by the university.”
University of Central Florida UCF approves alcohol amnesty plan for underage students-4/4/12 “An amnesty concept, which supporters say could save lives by encouraging underage students to call for help, had been repeatedly proposed by student leaders for several years but UCF administration had previously rejected it.”
University of Central Florida Cal Poly Brings Back Freshman Pledging After Lobbying-10/15/13 ” The University of Central Florida this year lifted a recruitment moratorium, which had been prompted by excessive drinking at fraternities and sororities, after the Interfraternity Conference threatened to sue the school for violating students’ freedom-of-association rights.”
University of Central Florida UCF suspends most fraternity, sorority activities amid 'alcohol, hazing issues'-2/20/13 "I think some of the universities are finally saying that hazing has to stop."

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