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Clemson University in the Press

Clemson University ‘Tucker Hipps’ bill headed to SC House-3/9/16 “A bill requiring state public colleges to post misconduct violations by fraternities and sororities is heading to the S.C. House floor.”
Clemson University Clemson gets tough on Greek life community-7/16/15 Rush and recruitment events will be alcohol-free and drinking games are banned for all social events. No alcohol will be permitted at any new member activities such as “bid nights” or initiation activities.”
Clemson University Task force will re-examine Greek life at Clemson University-4/7/15 “We need to buckle down and let the people know who are bringing this shame on Clemson that we won't stand for this, and our leadership has not done a very good job of this at all.””
Clemson University Campus Deaths Bring Calls for More Oversight at Clemson, USC-4/6/15 The statewide task force would be made up of: representatives from the state's colleges and universities, public and private; representatives from the state Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services; local police; and campus police.”
Clemson University Clemson frats face hazing charges-10/30/14 “After 15 reported serious incidents in the first month of the school year, including hazing, sexual misconduct and underage drinking, Clemson suspended all Greek activities Sept. 24.”
Clemson University Clemson University Suspends Fraternities After Pledge Tucker Hipps Dies Clemson University Suspends Fraternities After Pledge Tucker Hipps Dies-9/25/14 “Hipps' death was at least the 15th "serious incident" related to fraternities since Aug. 20, some of them including hazing, alcohol-related medical emergencies and sexual assault.”
Clemson University Colleges try to break grip of alcohol culture among students-3/18/12 “Another 599,000 are unintentionally injured. About 25 percent of college students report academic consequences of their drinking — including missing classes, falling behind, doing poorly on exams or papers and getting lower grades overall, according to the institute.”
Clemson University Clemson students raise money for memorial chapel-1/26/12 “At least 36 students enrolled at Clemson University have died over the past five years; two others have died within a week of graduating. Car accidents, illnesses and a few instances of alcohol poisoning have been among the causes of death. Ten students died in 2011.  A few losses each year are always possible on a campus of more than 17,000 students.”
Clemson University Clemson students raising alcohol awareness-12/8/11 “Some students at Clemson University are attempting to raise awareness about alcohol use.”   “In 2008, three fraternity members at Clemson were charged with alcohol-related misdemeanors after a freshman died of alcohol poisoning during an off-campus party. Authorities suspect alcohol poisoning in the death of a sophomore at the school earlier this year.”
Clemson University Clemson reminds students of ethics policy-11/19/11 “Clemson records show that students are using Clemson’s new Medical Alcohol Amnesty policy, adopted at the request of students two years ago to remove a barrier keeping students from reporting alcohol poisoning or other emergencies involving underage drinking.”
Clemson University Clemson leaders reconsider fraternity, sorority policies-10/6/10 Reivew based on situations such as this:  “The night before the meeting, the teen drank too much at a ceremony where pledges learn who their big brothers will be and was taken to the hospital by fraternity members. The fraternity, Theta Chi, has been placed under a cease-and-desist order that stops all activities pending an investigation.”
South Carolina Colleges Colleges try to break grip of alcohol culture among students-3/18/12 “In the past three years, rates of heavy or binge drinking have decreased at Clemson. However, the Clemson numbers exceed the national average, said George Clay, executive director of Student Health Services at Clemson University.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Clemson Students

Emily Yelton, October 28, 2007, Clemson University How and why? A weekend of fun vanished in a storm of fire and smoke that killed seven college friends and left behind a gutted beach house.  Six of the seven killed in the fire Sunday morning in Ocean Isle Beach, N.C., attended the University of South Carolina; and one attended Clemson University. Six other South Carolina students in the house survived. Six out of the seven college students who died had alcohol in their systems ranging from from .16 percent to .29 percent.
Marc Anthony Cocozzella, November 13, 2007, Clemson University How and why? Marc  was thrown from the bed of a pickup truck after his friend, who is accused of driving drunk, ran into two other cars. Marc died two days later.
Benjamin Garrison Sprague, 18, December 8, 2007, Clemson University How and why? The scene at the Sigma Nu house where Benjamin was found was worse than “Animal House.”  The floor of the house was covered in broken plates and puddles of beer and vodka. In addition, when Benjamin was moved, he was found to be lying on a large raw steak.  A laboratory test showed Benjamin had an alcohol level of 379 (.379 percent),
Tyler Jacob Karolczyk, 19, November 12, 2011, Clemson University How and why? Tyler lost his life after drinking at a Friday night party in his off-campus apartment.  His blood alcohol level was .267.
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