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University of Colorado Disciplinary cases for pot at CU-Boulder down, alcohol busts also drop-9/27/14 “CUPD also made fewer alcohol-related arrests in 2013 with 511, down from 771 in 2012. CU police Chief Melissa Zak said the department has relaxed its "posture" on enforcement, and is instead trying to better educate students.”
University of Colorado When drinking goes too far-Where to go on campus for help-8/26/14 “"If you look at the extent that alcohol is involved in issues like sexual assaults, physical assaults, property damage, unprotected sex and lower grades, the odds are good that alcohol abuse will get you into trouble."”
University of Colorado Know the rules on drinking and drugs at CU-Boulder-8/22/14 “Throughout orientation, CU stresses to new students and parents that there can be consequences to use of drugs and alcohol.“
University of Colorado CU-Boulder students to feed, hydrate Halloween drinkers in alcohol-awareness bid-10/30/13 “Their hope is that by making food and water accessible and free, students and other partygoers won't become dangerously intoxicated. “
University of Colorado-Boulder University of Colorado-Boulder Tries to Prevent Annual Marijuana Celebration-4/20/12 “April 20th is the unofficial marijuana day, when some people around the world celebrate cannabis and rally to push for laws to legalize marijuana. Those marking the occasion traditionally light up at 4:20 p.m.”  “Last year, more than 10,000 people, both students and non-students, attended a 4/20 celebration on the University of Colorado-Boulder campus, the AP reports. Today, officials are closing the campus to all unauthorized visitors.”
University of Colorado Boulder Underage binge: Drinking leads Fort Collins student to the edge, back--230 intoxicated minors treated at PVH in 2010-10/1/11 “At the University of Colorado in Boulder, the number of underage MIPs has increased each of the past five years, from 451 in 2007 to 937 in 2010.”
University of Colorado-Boulder The collegiate drug hypocrisy-9/16/11 “Schools like Colorado University have a no-tolerance policy for pot, but they turn a blind eye to binge drinking.“
University of Colorado-Boulder Denver police to beef up underage drinking watch for CU-CSU game-9/14/11 “The heightened enforcement of underage drinking law related to the college event comes just days after a University of Colorado student died after drinking with a friend and a 19-year-old Colorado State University student died after drinking and becoming unconscious.”
University of Colorado-Boulder U-Boulder officials concerned about mix of Adderall-9/10/11 “For years, college students have abused the prescription drug Adderall -- which is used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder -- as a study aid to help them pull all-nighters. But over the past few years, health officials who work to prevent dangerous drinking on college campuses are battling a new threat: Students have discovered that popping an Adderall pill or chugging a Red Bull keeps them from passing out, allowing them to party longer. “
University of Colorado-Boulder Boulder police chief: University Hill rowdiness not getting worse-9/6/11 Police chief’s comment:  “But Beckner said the first few weeks of CU's school year have generated a number of complaints on the Hill.  He pointed to the evening of Aug. 26 as being particularly bad. Although Beckner didn't bring it up, CU student Michael Alexander Hoffman was found earlier that morning on the Hill, and died several days later in what campus officials say may be the first alcohol-related death of a student since 2004.”
University of Colorado at Boulder A nearly 10 percent decrease in offenses on campus-8/1/11 Reports on decline in alcohol offenses-decrease alcohol use resulting from prevention efforts or decreased enforcement?
University of Colorado Boulder CU-Boulder: Princeton Review rankings and the truth about alcohol and drugs at CU-7/31/11 University of Colorado Boulder’s reaction to its party school ranking and how the university address student alcohol use.
University of Colorado-Boulder CU-Boulder students required to take online alcohol course-7/23/11 On line course as part of Boulder’s prevention efforts.
University of Colorado at Boulder UO ranks high for student drug, alcohol use-6/4/11 Based on government data, University of Colorado at Boulder and other schools rank high in number of alcohol violations.   Is this evidence of higher illegal and high risk drinking on these campuses or a more diligent effort to control the activities and risk?----- Source: Federal Department of Education 2009 data
University of Colorado at Boulder In college_ first year is by far the riskiest-1/26/06 Relays Lynn Gordon "Gordie" Bailey’s sad story.

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Colorado Students

Lynn Gordon "Gordie" Bailey Jr, September 17, 2004, University of Colorado                                    How and why? Bailey and the other pledges had begun the evening Sept. 16 blindfolded and abandoned in the woods near Gold Hill. Police said the pledges were told to drink large amounts of Ten High whiskey and Carlo Rossi wine.Later, when they were driven back to the fraternity house after midnight, Bailey had passed out. The next morning Bailey was found face down on the floor, and could not be revived. His blood-alcohol level was 0.328 percent, four times the legal limit for driving in Colorado.
Michael Alexander Hoffman, 21, August 30, 2011, University of Colorado How and why? After a night of drinking, Michael was found unconscious on the doorstep of an apartment. Michael lost his life just seven days after turning 21.
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