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Colorado State University Underage drinking consequences similar on and off campus-1/28/15 “The administrative citation does not carry a criminal penalty or create a criminal history for the recipient,” Harris said. “However, an administrative ticket does trigger an internal university process that requires the student’s conduct to be reviewed by Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct, and it also requires the student to pay an associated monetary fine.””
Colorado State University In college_ first year is by far the riskiest Relays Samantha Spady’s sad story.
Colorado State University Let’s not ‘Rush’ away from the herd-9/13/11 CSU’s student critical view of Greek organizations
Colorado State University Greeks speak: An alternate opinion-9/15/11 CSU’s alumni defense of Greek membership #1
Colorado State University Why the Stewart-Mayo Greek ‘debate’ is about as silly as saying dogs can't look up-9/15/11 CSU’s alumni defense of Greek membership #2
Colorado State University Denver police to beef up underage drinking watch for CU-CSU game-9/14/11 “The heightened enforcement of underage drinking law related to the college event comes just days after a University of Colorado student died after drinking with a friend and a 19-year-old Colorado State University student died after drinking and becoming unconscious.”
Colorado State University Underage binge: Drinking leads Fort Collins student to the edge, back--230 intoxicated minors treated at PVH in 2010-10/1/11 “The notorious Aug. 27 back-to-school megaparty west of the Colorado State University campus where thousands of people partied, resulted in 10 ambulance transports, most of which were alcohol-related. Many of those at the party were underage drinkers. “At CSU, up to 47 percent of freshmen say they abstain from alcohol.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Colorado State University Students

Follow the links for article's detailing the tragic incidents for each individual.
John Hunter Hauck, May 3, 2010, Colorado State University How and why? John partied with some friends at an off-campus house Sunday night. Police believe he was drinking beer, smoking marijuana and possibly using prescription drugs.   John’s roommates found his body at their northwest Fort Collins home Monday afternoon.  Tests showed John's blood/alcohol level to be .212.
Samantha Spady, September 5, 2004, Colorado State University How and why? Samantha had a blood alcohol level of 0.436 when her blood was tested after her death. That's more than 5 times the legal limit in Colorado.  She consumed alcohol over 11 hours starting before the CSU/CU football game on Saturday and ending with her presence at the fraternity house, where she consumed "additional significant amounts of alcohol."
Bennett Bertoli, December 11, 2004, Colorado State University How and why? Bennett was discovered lying on a couch, unresponsive, inside a home close to the CSU campus which had been the site of a party the night before.  Bennett died of a lethal mix of alcohol, methadone and tranquilizers.    His blood alcohol content was 0.12 percent, a level that not considered lethal by itself.  The combination of the three proved fatal.
Devon Arnold, 22, February 3, 2010, Colorado State University How and why? Devon was found dead railroad tracks after he had reportedly been consuming alcohol while in Denver for a Denver Nuggets game.  Authorities suggest that an intoxicated Arnold went to a rail yard in close proximity to the Pepsi Center and jumped aboard a train.

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