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University of Connecticut


University of Connecticut in the Press

University of Connecticut Ambulances Called To UConn For Intoxicated Students-4/18/15 About 15 people were taken to hospitals in Windham and Manchester "largely for intoxication," UConn spokeswoman Stephanie Reitz said. Officials suspect alcohol intoxication made the people ill, but they did not suffer life threatening illnesses, she said. Those taken to hospitals were attending a concert at Gampel Pavilion.”
University of Connecticut Inside look at UConn's spring fling-4/25/11 Reports end of sanctioned spring activities in reaction to: “The pattern of off-campus Spring Weekend celebrations is essentially unchanging. Beginning on Thursday night, large groups of young people walk the half-mile from campus down North Eagleville Road to Hunting Lodge Road for the massive parties at Carriage House Apartments (Thursday) and Celeron Square apartments (Friday). On Saturday, the scene usually shifts to so-called X-lot, a privately owned parking lot adjacent to the campus, which the university has tried to buy. Public safety officials report that in recent years crowds as large as 15,000 attended the off-campus parties and that about 100 arrests are made by local police each year for underage drinking, public drunkenness, fights and other incidents.”
University of Connecticut Colleges Fling Spring Parties -3/23/11 Connecticut among others are cancelling spring parties where alcohol abuse and other undesired behaviors occur.
University of Connecticut UConn Student Leaders Rebuff Spring Weekend Moratorium-2/10/11 “The students support the ban on guests "to encourage the sense of pride students feel uniting with their fellow Huskies, unimpeded by the actions of outsiders," the position paper said. But canceling other events on campus would be "counterproductive," the students wrote, as those events provide "safe and controlled" alternatives to partying during the weekend.”
University of Connecticut Task Force recommends no 2011 Spring Weekend for UConn-1/21/11 Included in the rationale:  “By the 1990s, far from the comparatively sedate gathering it once was, the modern Spring Weekend had become vast, unwieldy, unpredictable and dangerous; the hallmarks of the unsanctioned gatherings included increasingly more vandalism, medical emergencies, recklessness, drug and alcohol abuse, aggression and violence. It is estimated that non-UConn students began making up at least half of the assembled crowds.”
University of Connecticut Colleges Try To Discourage Binge Drinking Among Freshmen-9/20/10 At UCONN, “there were seven students transported to the hospital on a recent weekend because of alcohol poisoning or injuries sustained as a result of alcohol.”  “Freshmen who are away from home for the first time and have this freedom and don't necessarily know how to handle it."”
University of Connecticut Most campus arrests from alcohol violations-10/10/11 “With a tally of 57 arrests, liquor violations accounted for the largest number of arrests by far. This number is much smaller than in 2008, when 171 arrests were made. However, there have been many more alcohol-related referrals, 789 in 2010, up from 642 three years ago.”
University of Connecticut Parking services proposing student fee increases-10/21/11 Also discusses alcohol enforcement policies----“The legislation aims to equalize the Residential Life policy regarding the possession of small amounts of marijuana – under half an ounce – and alcohol possession in dorms.”  “"Right now if you are possibly caught with marijuana, RAs are required to call the police department," the student senator of Busby Suites, said. "This is not what they have to do with alcohol."”
University of Connecticut UConn equalizes penalties for marijuana, underage alcohol-2/2/12 The move followed the state's decriminalization of marijuana in July that made possession of less than one half ounce of marijuana an infraction punishable with a $150 fine for all, and an additional 60-day license suspension if under 21.”
University of Connecticut A lesson from UConn; and death penalty hype-4/24/12 For a while the university tried staging fairly wholesome events on campus that might draw students and their friends to places where they might be under closer watch and away from alcohol. But it didn't work, because drunken binges had become the whole idea of "Spring Weekend."  “It canceled all university events for the weekend, prohibited students from inviting outsiders into their dormitories, barred outsiders from campus generally (outsiders long constituting the great majority of arrests), urged students to go home for the weekend if they could, set up police checkpoints and roadblocks throughout campus, and flooded the campus and nearby trouble spots with UConn's own police and state troopers.”
University of Connecticut Herbst's 'Spring Lockdown' At UConn Goes Too Far-4/24/12 Student view---“ From Thursday through Sunday, UConn was in a police state lockdown, where roads were closed, dorms were difficult or impossible to get into for other UConn students, and all legitimate, non-alcohol-related events were canceled, including those intended as alternatives to drinking.”
University of Connecticut UConn Police Chief: 'The Spring Weekend That Wasn't'-4/22/12 President’s view---"The credit for this weekend passing quietly goes to UConn students, the exceptional efforts of UConn Public Safety and Student Affairs staff as well as to our partners in this effort: state and municipal police agencies, local landlords and the town of Mansfield."
University of Connecticut UConn Plans To Curb Spring Weekend Again-4/17/12 “Once again, the university plans to bar guests from dorms and dining halls Thursday through Sunday, to stop visitors at road blocks and to limit access to parking lots and pathways on and around campus.  And, as was the case last year, students have been asked not to participate in Spring Weekend partying and to go home if possible.”
University of Connecticut 7 Women Say UConn Failed To Protect Them Against Assaults-10/21/13 “"The administration at UConn knew about the sexual harassment and hostile environment I experienced, yet responded with resounding silence."”
University of Connecticut Police: UConn's Reformed Spring Weekend Ends Without Incident-4/29/13 “Students are required to show both student IDs and wristbands obtained Thursday in order to gain access to this weekend's events. No guests are permitted in the residence halls or dining halls until Saturday, and students have been asked to comply with "all signs, barricades, and orders" from police throughout the weekend.”
University of Connecticut UConn Spring Weekend Will Return This Year-1/30/13 “Two years after the University of Connecticut successfully shut down the notorious Spring Weekend celebration, the event will be back this April, but in a re-imagined form and with restrictions.”
University of Connecticut UConn Sorority, Frat Members Won't Be Charged In Alleged Hazing Incident-3/26/14 She said they were told to jump up and down and grab their ankles while pledging their love for their sorority. Throughout the incident, women were told to drink beer and shots of alcohol.”
University of Connecticut UConn Spring Weekend: Talent Contest, Oozeball, Cake Decorating-4/22/14 Spring Weekend…. will include a 5-K race, volunteer work, a talent contest and cake decorating, along with a ban on guests and the promise of heavy police scrutiny.”
University of Connecticut UConn's Spring Weekend Filled With 'Orderly' Fun-4/25/14 University police reported only two arrests overnight.”
University of Connecticut Plaintiffs, University Agree To 'Move Forward' Regarding Complaint About How Sexual Assault Cases Were Handled-7/18/14 The statement also says that the plaintiffs "acknowledge that certain UConn employees provided compassionate care and assistance to them but allege that the overall response showed deliberate indifference."”
University of Connecticut UConn Investigates Alleged Hazing Incident-3/9/14 “The three blindfolded women to "lay on the floor and sizzle like bacon." She said they were told to jump up and down, grabbing their ankles, while pledging their love for their sorority. roughout the orders, women were told to drink beer and shots of alcohol.”
University of Connecticut UConn Settles Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit For $1.28 Million-7/18/14 While UConn categorically denied the lawsuit's allegations, the university said in a joint statement with the plaintiffs that a trial "would have burdened both UConn and the plaintiffs for years.”
Connecticut universities and colleges Some Connecticut Universities Consider Easing Marijuana Policies-7/22/11 Reaction to the decriminalization of possession of less than a half-ounce of marijuana which now is punishable by a fine of $150, and will not end up on a person’s permanent record.
UConn Flowing Beer Can Lead To Flow Of Cash For Colleges, But Raises Public Health Concerns-9/14/14  ” The controversial highway billboards featuring the Husky mascot next to a Coors beer bottle caused a stir in Connecticut this past week, but they also placed UConn among a number of schools across the country that have associated with beer companies to boost their sports budgets.”
University of Connecticut UConn Suspends Three More Greek Organizations-8/12/14 “The women in Delta Zeta, according to the university document, on March 7 forced members of an unnamed fraternity to consume alcohol; eat dog treats; paint their bodies; wear women's thong underwear and drink shots of alcohol off each other's bodies.”


Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Connecticut Students

Jafar B. Karzoun, 20, May 1, 2010, University of Connecticut How and why? Jafar died a week after being stuck by an intoxicated nonstudent who was attending UCONN’s annual Spring Weekend.   This event has developed over the years to where more restrictions and oversight were placed on the events during the past several years, however, both students and area youth continue to regard the event as a time for unrestricted partying.  Many arrests and injuries occur, however, Jafar unfortunately paid the ultimate price.
Carlee Wines, January 22, 2007, University of Connecticut                      How and why? Struck by a SUV driven by a visiting student who was intoxicated and traveling between an on campus to an off campus party
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