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Dartmouth College College announces stricter sanctions under new alcohol policy-3/3/15 The changes include harsher punishments for the possession of hard alcohol — defined as alcohol of 30 proof or higher — while punishments for possession or consumption of beer or wine — defined as any alcohol with lower than 30 proof alcohol by volume — will remain effectively the same.”
Dartmouth College Ivy League alcohol policy roundup-2/22/15 At Dartmouth, students of legal age can drink in many university spaces, including residences, but the regulations specifically ban public intoxication.”
Dartmouth College BarHop sees success, future funding uncertain-2/20/15 The three-room social event — at which free alcohol, soft drinks and snacks are available to students — occurs every Thursday and Friday at the Hop Garage.”
Dartmouth College Taking On Dartmouth Culture-1/30/15 The new alcohol policy prohibits the possession or consumption of alcohol that is 30 proof or higher by anyone on campus, including those who are over 21. Penalties will be increased for students found in possession of hard alcohol, and third-party security and bartenders will be required at campus social events.”
Dartmouth College Dartmouth Cites Student Misconduct in Its Ban on Hard Liquor-1/29/15 Greek houses dominate Dartmouth’s social scene. More than half of its students join fraternities and sororities, and other sites for gatherings are limited. Dr. Hanlon said the college would build new spaces for social events, providing an alternative.”
Dartmouth College Reconsider the Ban-11/3/14 Student view---“ I urge the Greek Leadership Council to end the first-year ban. Instead, let us create a culture where brothers and sisters take care of their guests by keeping an eye on high-risk behavior in their basements.”
Dartmouth College Committee considers alcohol policy changes-9/26/14 “The committee’s research follows changes in alcohol policy at peer institutions, including approaches that ban hard alcohol, prohibit drinking games and encourage open doors at social gatherings in residence halls.”
Dartmouth College Dartmouth Wants Students’ Help in Reforming Greek Life-9/20/14 “Will said on Thursday that college officials are also considering a ban on hard liquor, which she said would be effective in protecting freshmen, who are barred from fraternity parties serving alcohol during their first six weeks on campus.”
Dartmouth College Dartmouth's Drinking Culture Worships Beer Pong, But Can It Be Tamed?-5/19/14 “In one email leaked from the Beta Alpha Omega mailing list, a brother lamented how they went through 25 cases of beer at a Monday night party before 1 a.m."
Dartmouth College Dartmouth president could give us all a lesson on campus behavior-4/18/14 “No one expects college students to suddenly swear abstinence. But they might be persuaded to slow down.”
Dartmouth College Dartmouth president calls for end to ‘extreme behavior’ that mars image of elite college--4/16/14 “Hanlon also said he will convene a committee of students, faculty, administrators and alumni to draft reforms to end sexual assault, high-risk drinking and other harmful behavior.”
Dartmouth College Dartmouth president addresses student safety-11/22/13 “that the number of students treated for extreme intoxication — blood alcohol content above .25 percent — dropped from 80 in 2011 to 31 last year. Just five were treated this fall, compared to 29 in the fall of 2010.”
Dartmouth College Dartmouth in the Glare of Scrutiny on Drinking-10/2/13 “,,,,cited signs of improvement, like a drop in the number of times ambulances are called for students with very high blood alcohol levels, to 31 in 2012-13, from 80 in 2010-11.”
Dartmouth College Animal House college becomes temperance leader-8/29/13 “Counsellors swoop in as soon as a student is found to be drunk and intervene immediately with eye-opening information about, for example, how binge drinking might affect the student’s fitness, or how much more he or she is drinking than his or her classmates.”
Dartmouth College Dartmouth College tackles binge drinking culture-7/28/13 “Officials see encouraging signs, especially the dramatic drop in the number of students taken to the hospital with blood-alcohol levels of more than 0.25 percent — more than three times the legal limit to drive. That number fell to 31 students this academic year from 80 two years earlier.”
Dartmouth College NCHIP discusses high-risk drinking-6/28/13 “Matzkin said that NCHIP has been successful at Dartmouth, citing the creation and expansion of BASICS, an alcohol education program begun by Kim to educate students about the risks of binge drinking.”
Dartmouth College 4 More Colleges Are Targets of Students' Complaints Over Sexual Assault-5/23/13 “Students at Dartmouth College, Swarthmore College, the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Southern California announced on Wednesday that they had filed complaints with the U.S. Department of Education over the institutions' alleged mishandling of sexual-misconduct cases.”
Dartmouth College Ivies tighten alcohol policies-1/24/13 “Dartmouth has also seen a series of policies relating to alcohol usage and Greek life implemented in the past few years, including a ban on punch at parties and the introduction of random walkthroughs at fraternity and sorority houses by safety and security officers.”
Dartmouth College The Year in Review- HAZING ALLEGATIONS-6/9/12 A committee was formed  with a charge to “with “improving student safety and well-being” through combating the issues of sexual assault, binge drinking and hazing” after two revealing media reports about hazing.
Dartmouth College Colleges pledge to squelch dangerous rites of hazing-5/2/12 Dartmouth College “put his school's Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter on probation for three academic terms after its treatment of pledges.  The fraternity is accused of forcing pledges to drink massive quantities of alcohol, take shots of saltwater and vinegar and swim in kiddie pools filled with a mixture of rotten food and vomit.”
Dartmouth College Hazing Confessions of a Dartmouth Alum-4/9/12 “But denial is not the way to protect Dartmouth.  Instead, we need to confront our Dartmouth experience with honesty. There was much in the Rolling Stone article that I found to be true. In particular, I was struck by Lohse's musing that a student might die one day as a result of hazing. His sentiment gave me pause. Because I was very nearly that death.”
Dartmouth College Dartmouth frat brothers cleared of hazing charges-3/30/12 “Dartmouth College on Friday said it has dropped charges against 27 students it recently accused of hazing, though allegations against the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity still stand.”
Dartmouth College UJAO drops all 27 SAE hazing charges-3/30/12 “The first 24 individual charges were withdrawn after SAE provided “physical evidence that proved specific claims by Lohse false.”
Dartmouth College Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy: Inside Dartmouth's Hazing Abuses-3/28/12 “A Dartmouth degree is a ticket to the top - but first you may have to get puked on by your drunken friends and wallow in human filth,”
Dartmouth College College charges SAE members-3/7/12 “The Undergraduate Judicial Affairs Office has charged 27 members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity with hazing violations during the fall 2011 pledge term, charges that could lead to the students’ suspension or permanent separation from the College if they are found responsible.”
Dartmouth College Dartmouth frat gets 3-semester probation for hazing-2/25/12 “The college's judicial panel recently found Sigma Alpha Epsilon guilty of hazing pledges in 2009, charges that include forced drinking and swimming in kiddie pools filled with food.”
Dartmouth College Dartmouth president leading campaign against binge drinking-1/16/12 President Dr. Kim on lowering drinking age: “I don't. I'm a public health physician. There are two pieces of evidence. The 21-year drinking age has reduced automobile accidents in every group of people of that age except college students. Moreover, I'm beginning to be more and more convinced by data on the toxicity of alcohol for adolescent brains.”
Dartmouth College Kim works to reduce alcohol harm, assault-8/5/11 Dartmouth’s President recognizing the problem and taking serious action
Dartmouth College Dartmouth tackles student-athletes abusing alcohol-7/27/11 The athletics program at Dartmouth is rolling out a new program called "Dartmouth Peak Performance." It's focus-- getting student-athletes to kick unhealthy habits including those involving alcohol.
Dartmouth College Drinking collaborative establishes guidelines-7/8/11 Representatives from 32 colleges and universities meet in the newly formed Collaborative on High-Risk Drinking, including Duke University ---- More information on the Learning Collaborative at  http://www.nchip.org/
Dartmouth College Experts assess recent alcohol collaborative-5/27/11 Announces Dartmouth’s leadership role in the Learning Collaborative on High-Risk Drinking
Dartmouth College Dartmouth leads action to reduce binge drinking-5/10/11 “Dartmouth College is leading a national initiative to reduce binge drinking by using the same approach its president once used to treat tuberculosis in Peru: a learning collaborative focused on measuring what works in one place and sharing it elsewhere.”
Dartmouth College Another frat party, another felony at Dartmouth-10/7/10 “Police said fraternity members cleared out a weekend house party before calling an ambulance for a 19-year-old woman passed out on a couch.  The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity at Dartmouth is the fourth Greek organization in the past week to be charged with serving alcohol to minors, a felony complaint.”  “Hanover Police Chief Nicholas Giaccone said the teen is the 15th Dartmouth student to be hospitalized for drinking since the school year began”
Dartmouth College Keg-Standing up for the Greeks-9/29/10 Student view:  “This Friday at one fraternity party, a guest direly needed medical assistance. The social chair made a Good Samaritan call, brothers left the dance floor and pong tables (blasphemy!) to help manage the situation and members from other houses tried to help brothers make a path for the EMTs. Because competent, responsible individuals were dealing with the situation, an individual who deliberately consumed to a point of dangerous inebriation was saved.”
Dartmouth College Policy in the works to encourage drunk UNH students to seek help-8/25/10 “Other New England schools that have a Good Samaritan Policy include the University of Vermont, University of Maine, Boston University, Yale University, Brown University and Dartmouth College.”
Dartmouth College Hanover Police announces alcohol compliance ‘sting operations-2/4/10 “The planned compliance checks will combat underage drinking and unsafe alcohol consumption facilitated by Greek organizations, he said. As part of the compliance checks, Hanover Police plans to send non-police operatives posing as underage individuals into Greek organizations’ physical plants during parties to see if they are able to procure alcohol”

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