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Duke University


Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Duke University Students

Matthew Grape, 21, September 15, 2011, Duke University More Information Matthew lost his life in an automobile accident where he was a passenger.  The driver, a Duke senior, was cited for driving under the influence.  
Jonathan G. "Jay "Jeffrey, 21, March 14, 2010, Duke University More Information Jonathan lost his life from an accidental overdose of opiate drugs and was discovered by his brother, sitting up in his bed with his computer still on his lap.   See his page for full statement from his father.
Drew Everson, 21, October 23, 2010, Duke University More Information Drew fell down steps on campus and lost his life two days later.  The medical examiner reported that his blood/alcohol level was .133.
Follow the links for article's detailing the tragic incidents for each individual.

Duke University in the Press

Duke University Duke suspends 10 sororities after student hospitalized in alcohol-related incident-1/27/16 “Duke has suspended all sorority activity until further notice due to concerns about activities that have taken place during the most recent rush and bid periods, heightened by the hospitalization of a student for an alcohol-related issue. “
Duke University An educational drinking culture-2/1/16 Student view—“ It bears discussing how we can continue to improve our social culture at Duke to further limit the likelihood that Duke lives will be cut short, career paths damaged or injuries sustained as a result of alcohol. It is important to note that excessive drinking in short periods of time is as damaging as unhealthy long-term habits that students may develop.”
Duke University 'Open door' alcohol policy unlikely for Duke, admins say-6/15/15 “Similarly, Stanford University uses an “open-door policy,” wherein students won’t face disciplinary action for drinking in their rooms with their doors open to residential staff that can intervene if safety becomes an issue.”
Duke University Alcohol: 'a significant issue everywhere'-3/5/15 “Looking at the national data, combined with my perspective, I would say that somewhere around 10 percent of Duke students will likely meet the criteria for a substance use disorder at some point in their lifetime, if not now.””
Duke University Current alcohol policies misguided-2/18/15 Student view---“ Whereas Dartmouth recently issued a campus-wide ban on hard liquor, there remains a double standard at Duke in which private consumption is prohibited and, yet, students can access hard liquor at the new Loop bar. Compounding the confusion is the annual bacchanalia that is the last day of classes, in which disregard for alcohol policy is expected and seems accepted.”
Duke University Duke tries to educate students about alcohol-9/16/11 “Duke University officials said Friday that they try to educate students about the risks of drinking alcohol, which makes a Thursday morning wreck that killed a Duke senior hard to accept.”
Duke University Men's Lacrosse Team at Duke U. Forfeits Games Following Accusations of Rape at Party-3/27/06 The house, near Duke's campus, in Durham, was rented by three captains of the lacrosse team. The woman, who was one of two dancers who were hired to perform at the party, told the police that she had been sexually assaulted there during the early hours.” “The decision to forfeit the games was made because of events at the party that are not disputed by team members: that they hired private dancers to perform, and that underage team members were drinking alcohol.Emphasis added.
Duke University Duke Lacrosse Rape Claim Spurs Outrage-3/26/06 “According to a search warrant, the victim and another woman went to a university-owned house on March 13, where three members of the team live. When the men became aggressive, the women left but another player apologized and convinced them to return. The women returned to the house, but were separated. The victim alleges she was forced into a bathroom and assaulted.”
Duke University Rape Allegation Against Athletes Is Roiling Duke-3/29/11 Suspension of the Duke lacrosse season and further details of accusations
Duke University Duke Lacrosse Scandal Sheds New Light on the Stripper Industry: A Campus Trend?-4/24/06 ““ABC News spoke with students and recent college graduates from around the country. All of them wanted to speak anonymously given the delicate nature of the topic, and all said the same thing: They had seen strippers at parties on or near campus, often at fraternity and athletic team parties celebrating birthdays or new pledges.””  “One Duke graduate wondered why -- unlike the strippers he has seen -- the women at the March 13 party had arrived without a bouncer.”
Duke University Duke Grappling With Impact Of Scandal on Its Reputation-7/7/06 Administration officials have said they have been hampered by uncertainty about what actually happened at the March 13 off-campus party for which the lacrosse players hired the woman to strip. The woman has said she was assaulted in a bathroom by three team members. The players say that they are innocent and that they will soon be vindicated by the results of DNA tests.”
Duke University All Charges Dropped in Duke Case-4/12/07 The state attorney general concluded that the three accused players “had been wrongly accused by an “unchecked” and “overreaching” district attorney who had ignored contradictory evidence and instead relied on the stripper’s “faulty and unreliable” accusations.”
Duke University New lawsuit from Duke LAX players-2/21/08 “More than three dozen members of the 2006 Duke University men's lacrosse team and members of their families filed suit against Duke University, its President Richard Brodhead and other officials, Duke's medical center, and the City of Durham and city officials for emotional distress and other injuries in connection with false rape charges and a corrupt police investigation against team members in 2006.”
Duke University Duke Lacrosse Players' Suit Over False Rape Claim May Proceed, Judge Says-3/31/11 “Three former Duke University lacrosse players, falsely accused of rape in a case that cost a district attorney his law license, can move forward with part of their claims against the former prosecutor and the city of Durham, North Carolina, a judge ruled.”
Duke University Listing of articles on lacrosse team stripper party incident From perpertrators to victims-Media accounts on how lacrosse team members became victims after rape charges dropped in connection with drinking party with strippers, including underage students, organized by leaders of lacrosse team.
Duke University Students drink to avoid facing their fears-10/31/11 “As the director of Duke’s Student Wellness Center, I know that even the brightest college students can make bad decisions.”  “Those of us who comprise the adults in the lives of college students — including parents — need to assess why students are coming to college in fear of facing their fears. Students have learned through environment, culture or experience that it is easier to avoid fear through drinking than it is to face fear and grow.”
Duke University Colleges warn more students abusing stimulants-11/27/11 “This fall, the Duke University Office of Student Conduct added another bullet-point to its list of things that are considered cheating: “the unauthorized use of prescription medication to enhance academic performance.””
Duke University PiKapp brothers commemorate Drew Everson with start-up competition-10/24/13 But the unfortunate lack of attention on campus safety after Everson's passing makes this event particularly timely.”
Duke University Get real, lower drinking age to 19-3/20/14 “Despite the drinking age of 21, about 74% of drinking violations at Duke in 1999 were committed by freshmen.”
Duke University Incoming College Students Can Have Their Acceptances Rescinded If They're Caught Drinking-6/17/14 Duke student newspaper The Chronicle cites a study on overnight college visits that found that 16% of prospective students drank alcohol during their visit, 17% engaged in sexual activities, and 5% used drugs other than alcohol.”
Duke University Drinking collaborative establishes guidelines-7/8/11 Representatives from 32 colleges and universities meet in the newly formed Collaborative on High-Risk Drinking, including Duke University ---- More information on the Learning Collaborative at  http://www.nchip.org/

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