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University of Florida UF's medical amnesty program saving lives, officials say-7/1/15 During the fall 2010 semester, five University of Florida students made sick from drinking too much alcohol were taken to area hospitals. The next year, five times as many students were carted off campus with alcohol-related problems.”
University of Florida Fraternity Expels 3 From U. of Florida Chapter for Insulting Wounded Veterans-4/24/15 The controversy stems from the chapter’s formal, held last weekend in the same place a group of wounded military veterans were staying. The veterans reported that some fraternity members spit on them, threw beer at them, and urinated on an American flag.”
University of Florida  Link between assault, binge drinking-9/22/14 “Maureen Miller, director of GatorWell Health Promotion Services, said there is a chance high-risk drinking and sexual assault are related.”
University of Florida Alcohol policies vary across SEC schools-8/15/14 “All first year students at UF are required to participate in an online alcohol education program before they can enroll for their second semester.”
University of Florida Some colleges move to ban hazing rituals-11/27/13 “The University of Florida announced a change in its policies following numerous hazing allegations on campus. The school now limits the pledging time for new members and requires that alumni or chapter advisers be present for initiation rituals.”
University of Florida Alcohol Policy Is Having Unforeseen Ramifications for UF Fraternities-5/17/13 “UF records show that from spring 2006 to 2011, before the policy was adopted, more than 2,500 students were referred for disciplinary action for alcohol incidents. During that same period, more than 160 UF students were taken to a hospital for alcohol-related problems.”
University of Florida Alcohol abuse amnesty policy working, UF says-4/2/12 “Nearly five times as many University of Florida students received medical attention for alcohol abuse in fall 2011 as did during the previous fall, but university officials said Monday that the increase is a positive sign that a new amnesty policy is working.  Twenty-four students were taken to the hospital or evaluated by paramedics for alcohol-related problems in fall 2011, compared with five in fall 2010, according to UF figures.” “Officials said the policy was prompted by parents who reported that their children were in danger from excessive drinking, but that friends were afraid to get help because of possible disciplinary action.”
University of Florida Students responding to university alcohol amnesty policy-4/3/12 Student article---“ In Fall 2010, paramedics examined or took to the hospital five students, according to information from Maureen Miller, GatorWell’s Coordinator for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention. A year later, 24 were examined or transported.”
University of Florida UF Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Suspended for Hazing-2/8/12 “UF spokeswoman Janine Sikes told the AP the fraternity was suspended after a student suffered injuries related to “serious physical hazing” this year.”
University of Florida Students warned not to binge drink on Spring Break-2/28/12 Student article—“ The 19-year-old died from alcohol poisoning while vacationing with friends in Pinellas County. This year, her family and friends are using Facebook to educate students about how to prevent a similar tragedy.”
University of Florida UF Alpha Phi Alpha Frat Brothers May Be Arrested Over Hazing-2/26/12 “UF police obtained a photograph showing red marks on one victim’s chest in the shape of hand prints.”
University of Florida UCF bans alcohol at greek events; similar move unlikely at UF-9/13/11 UF student article on Univ. Central Florida’s reaction to a student death-relays UF’s policy---“ Under the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Affairs' event guidelines, no alcohol may be served at any recruitment, intake or new-member events. If alcohol is to be served at an event on campus or in a chapter house, the event must be approved by the office at least 10 business days in advance. Wristbands are distributed to attendees who are over 21, and additional guidelines dictate how much alcohol can be brought to the event.”
University of Florida Princeton Review Top Party Schools 2011-8/3/11 Reports on Princeton Review’s 2011 top party school list and provides the top ten.-----# 7.) University of Florida
University of Florida UF allows amnesty for students sickened by drugs, alcohol-4/25/11 “University of Florida students can seek medical attention in life-threatening incidents related to alcohol or drugs without fear of disciplinary action, under a policy university officials announced.”
University of Florida Help — and hope — for college students who drink-4/19/11 “The University of Florida this week announced amnesty for students who seek medical attention in life-threatening situations related to alcohol or drugs, without fear of disciplinary action from the university.”
University of Florida Study sees promise on college drinking-11/19/10 “With alcohol-related deaths and injuries on the rise on U.S. college campuses, some highly visible town-gown collaborations seem to be cutting into campus drinking. One of the spots where innovative strategies seem to be having an effect is right here in Gainesville and at the University of Florida.”
University of Florida Panel sees progress on campus drinking-9/24/10 “In 2009, the City Commission passed an ordinance that punishes establishments with an excessive number of underage-drinking violations. Since then, underage-drinking arrests are down 66 percent.”  “The university also has started campaigns to change the culture of binge drinking among students, through advertising and an online course on alcohol issues required for all incoming freshmen.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Florida Students

David Ferguson, October 31, 2004, University of Florida How and why? David was last seen around 1:00 a.m. Saturday following a night of partying with two friends and thousands of others on the night before the Georgia-Florida football game.  After being missing for days, his body was found in an opening between the garage and another building where authorities concluded he fell.
Tommy Brown, October 29, 2005, University of Florida How and why? Tommy had become separated from his fraternity brothers after a Florida/Georgia football game when he was cornered by a group of Georgia fans.   In a confrontation was said to be fueled by alcohol, the Georgia fans proceeded to beat Tommy to death.  One of the Georgia fans was said to have had a history of getting in fights when he'd been drinking.  Tommy's blood alcohol level was test to approximate 0.26. 
Andrew Enriquez, September 14, 2007, University of Florida How and why? Andrew died in a car crash around 2:40 a.m. Friday. He was wearing an arm bracelet that may have been from a local bar and investigators are examining whether he was using an ID that wasn't his.
Molly Ammon, March 13, 2011, University of Florida How and why? Molly lost her life after a night drinking with friends at a Madeira Beach condominium, while on spring break.  She was found unresponsive the next morning.
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