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Florida State University in the Press

Florida State University At Florida State, Football Clouds Justice-10/1/14 After rape accusation—“Although Florida State was legally obligated to conduct a “prompt, thorough and impartial” disciplinary inquiry, the university chose not to, as the team marched to the national championship.”
Florida State University A Star Player Accused, and a Flawed Rape Investigation-4/16/14 “University administrators, in apparent violation of federal law, did not promptly investigate either the rape accusation or the witness’s admission that he had videotaped part of the encounter.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Florida State University Students

Jason Keiran, 20, September 17, 2010, Florida State University More Information Thinking that the safety was engaged, Jason accidentally shot himself in the head while playing with handgun.  Jason’s parents learned that the incident occurred after 30 hours of partying. Jason had ingested at least three cans of Four Loko, and that the drink caused him to become "manic and erratic."
Ashley Cowie, 21, January 9, 2011, Florida State University More Information Ashley was accidentally shot by an intoxicated fellow student who was displaying his rifle.   After a desperate, but tragically, futile attempt at revival by Ashley’s twin sister, Amy, Ashley lost her life.   Ashley’s father subsequently was instrumental in halting the Florida’s legislature’s attempt to allow students to possess weapons on campus, one of several states considering such a questionable move.
Ryan Uhre,  February 18 2014, Florida State University More Information Ryan lost his life after watching the Super Bowl in a bar, falling from the second floor window of an abandoned building.  Ryan had cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana in his system in his system at the time of the fall.
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