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George Washington University


George Washington University in the Press

George Washington University Students, pay attention to other universities' alcohol restrictions-9/5/16 Student view—“ need to make sure that GW doesn’t follow a similar approach to Stanford and UVA by implementing policies that seem to be in reaction to sexual assaults on campus.”
George Washington University UPD records more alcohol violations in January than any month last year-2/12/15 Campus police logged 55 liquor law violations in January. That's six incidents more than both October and April of last year.”
George Washington University Alcohol, drug charges rare for college students-2/26/11 Survey of DC area schools demonstrates that “students who break drug and alcohol laws are "fully aware that, for the most part, nothing is going to happen to them,"
George Washington University GW tightens alcohol policy, enforces party registration-9/22/10 “After a number Greek-life groups held unregistered parties on campus, the University began to place heavy sanctions on non-compliant organizations.”
George Washington University Which Campus Has The Highest Crime Rate?-5/27/10 Crime statistics compared for DC area colleges.
George Washington University Parent notification policies for underage drinking evolve “Privacy laws prohibit university officials from communicating with parents about much more than tuition bills, but for more than a decade schools have had the legal authority to notify parents of students younger than 21 about alcohol- and drug-related matters. Many do so only for the most serious incidents. Others restrict parental notification to drug crimes.”
George Washington University Revisiting GW's shamnesty policy-1/25/10 Student view:  “two aspects that need to change above all others. First, if a student is employed by the University, it should not be taken into consideration on a first offense. According to one student involved in the application of the current policy, if you are employed by GW and are EMeRGed, you might very well be told not to show up for work on Monday. Secondly, the consequence of being EMeRGed twice should not always be a year-long suspension. As the policy functions now, there are few circumstances in which a second infraction will not be met with a year-long suspension. These are huge stumbling blocks in the way of people who might call for help.”
George Washington University Colleges warn more students abusing stimulants-11/27/11 “At George Washington University, students with ADHD prescriptions are told to purchase a safe for their dorm room.”
George Washington University With more students hospitalized for drinking, administrators search for answers-11/4/13 Student article—“. Ambulances took 139 students to the emergency room for intoxication through the end of October this year – compared to 112 last fall and 82 during that time in 2010.”
George Washington University GW's drug safety office considers app that estimates blood alcohol content-9/4/14 ““Many students are unaware of what the definitions of a standard drink is and probably more have difficulty pouring a single serving…..“Apps like this could actually give them false confidence that they’re less intoxicated than they actually are.””


Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving George Washington University Students

Laura Treanor, 19,  January 22, 2009, George Washington University How and why? Laura Treanor was found dead in her campus dorm room.  Laura and a group went out to a bar but her friends said that she did not appear intoxicated.  However, tests showed that Laura Treanor died of acute alcohol intoxication
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