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University of Georgia in the Press

University of Georgia USG task force releases recommendations aimed at curbing alcohol, drug abuse by college students-6/22/16 “The university already requires each freshman to take an online AlcoholEdu course, which teaches students how to drink responsibly, before they can register for classes.”
University of Georgia EDITORIAL: Don’t blame it on the alcohol-9/12/16 Student view---“ Alcohol may be an enabler for those who commit sexual assault, but it isn’t the cause. Rapists and sexual assailants need to be held accountable.”
Georgia UGA student's death raising awareness about "amnesty law"-4/3/15 If a group of underage students decides to drink and one drinks a little too much and ends up needing medical assistance, the other underage students may not want to call for help right away for fear of getting busted for drinking underage.”
University of Georgia 6 Campuses and the Liquor Surrounding Them-12/1/14 “Students have plenty of options for buying alcohol near the university. But the highest density of bars—more than 50—can be found around the north end of campus.”
University of Georgia A River of Booze-Inside one college town’s uneasy embrace of drinking-12/1/14 Thorough overview of the drinking culture at UGA
University of Georgia Campus group combats alcohol culture with ‘dry’ parties-10/22/14 “They have an event almost every Friday night. They start the year with a “pig pickin’” barbecue, followed by “scoop a loop,” featuring ice cream. Occasionally they bring in bands or musical artists, such as Josh Garrels.”
University of Georgia College police rarely issue citations for underage drinking, study finds-9/7/14 “In sifting through statistics, he said reported offenses and arrests were extremely low compared to UGA’s size — less than one percent of the student population.”
University of Georgia, Alcohol policies vary across SEC schools-8/15/14 “Schools that do have some type of official medical amnesty or good Samaritan policy include Alabama, Florida, Georgia.”
University of Georgia To drink or not to drink, that is the question-8/7/14 Student view-“Like it or not, drinking alcohol is part of the college culture — always has been and always will be. Attempts to curtail the flow of alcohol onto college campuses are futile and fail to teach students responsible ways to integrate alcohol into their lives.”
University of Georgia UGA to receive $1 million gift to promote alcohol education on campus-5/22/14 “The mentor program pairs students at risk with a faculty and/or staff member. The pair will meet to develop a values-based personal mission statement and create an action plan for improved career, campus and community engagement for the student.”
University of Georgia SGA passes tax-free textbook holiday, underage drinking amnesty resolution-9/4/13 “Finally, ____ presented his final bill, a measure to legally protect underage drinkers seeking medical attention for him or herself or a friend.  The resolution passed by unanimous consent.”
University of Georgia History repeats itself: Fraternities return before punishment periods end-8/28/11 “Nine fraternities, all suspended or expelled from the University, returned to campus in a few years and often in less time than the original punishment required. One fraternity was back the following semester.”
University of Georgia Princeton Review Top Party Schools 2011-8/3/11 Reports on Princeton Review’s 2011 top party school list and provides the top ten.---# 1.) University of Georgia
University of Georgia We're No. 1! UGA tops party schools ranking-8/2/10 “The Princeton Review announced Monday that Georgia is the No. 1 party school on its now infamous annual ranking. The school of about 30,000 students has been on the list 10 times since the ranking was created in 1992, but this is the first time the university has taken the top spot.”
University of Georgia Parent notification policies for underage drinking evolve-2/23/10 “In the past five years, several schools have joined the movement, including the University of Georgia in 2006 and the University of New Mexico in 2007.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Georgia Students

Lewis Fish, January, 22 2006, University of Georgia How and why? Lewis died of drug and alcohol overdose in his dorm room, mixing a fatal dose of heroin and cocaine with alcohol.  Seven individuals, including four UGA students, were charged in connection to the investigation into his death.
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