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Harvard University


Harvard University in the Press

Harvard University Hard Alcohol Ban Ill-Advised-2/16/16 Student view---“Banning hard alcohol is not likely to lead to safer partying, and the decisions to enact such a ban demands far more student input than occurred in this case.”
Harvard University After Shaky Past, Harvard’s Grip on Hard Alcohol Could Tighten-3/30/16 “Stating that “One cannot uncouple the role of alcohol and sexual assault,” the report suggests that a campus-wide restriction on hard alcohol could be on the horizon.”
Harvard University One in four Harvard students say they never had sex there-5/27/15 Sixty percent said they have never used marijuana. (But 13 percent said they needed medical attention at least once after drinking while they were in Cambridge.)”
Harvard University Ivy League alcohol policy roundup-2/22/15 Larger social events are permitted to have alcohol only if they will be attended by Harvard students — Harvard’s website says alcohol is always banned at events with attendees from “beyond the Harvard community.””
Harvard University Banning Hard Alcohol Will Not Change Campus Culture-2/4/15 Student view-Instead of its proposed ban, Dartmouth and other universities hoping to combat issues of sexual violence and its relation to alcohol should look towards a policy of education.”
Boston colleges Colleges take sensible steps to combat binge-drinking “Boston officials, meanwhile, are targeting bars and liquor stores that sell alcohol to underage students.”
Harvard University Shot after Shot: Harvard's Drinking Problem-5/26/11 Student article: “Melissa’s memory of the rest of the night is fuzzy, but based on what her friends have told her, she has been able to reconstruct the evening: An ambulance took her from the Quad to the hospital, where her blood alcohol content clocked in at .23.”
Harvard University Dangerous Drinking on Campus-3/8/11 “It is puzzling to hear the calls from some quarters for a more relaxed policy on alcohol use and underage drinking. It’s even more confounding to see the Harvard-Yale tailgate used as an example of the need for this change in approach.”
Harvard University In support of college drinking policies that focus on help, not punishment-4/21/11 Harvard “has an amnesty policy for drug users and underage drinkers, along with a program designed to teach students how to drink responsibly and to learn that no matter how drunk, high or sick a student might be, if that student or a friend calls police or 911, parents generally would not be notified. Nor would the university punish the student or friend who makes the call.”
Harvard University Tailgate Safely-The tragic accident should serve as a reminder of the dangers of tailgating-11/28/11 Student article---“ Harvard banned U-Hauls at its Harvard-Yale tailgates in 2004. Although the main justification for the ban was the costly damage large trucks did to athletic fields, Harvard administrators also worried about the safety of students dancing on top of U-Hauls during the tailgate.”
Harvard University Tailgate Review Begun at Yale-12/1/11 Student article---“ Harvard students have come to expect laxer tailgating rules in New Haven, where kegs, U-Hauls, and hard liquor—all banned at Harvard—are tailgate staples. Yale tightened its rules this year, requiring tailgate attendees to show IDs and wear wristbands attesting to their legal drinking age before they could be served alcohol.”
Harvard University After death, Harvard, Yale tailgating under scrutiny-11/23/11 After UHaul tragedy at Yale, Harvard’s policies are explored
Harvard University In Loco Parentis-The College should return control of alcohol policy to the Houses and reform freshman drinking restrictions-10/27/11 Student view-----“Although Harvard ought to be concerned about the implications of underage drinking, the fact is that protecting student welfare is a complex task. Indeed, it may be safer for students if the College practiced some degree of salutary neglect with regard to on-campus drinking.”
Harvard University Ivies tighten alcohol policies-1/24/13 “Administrators and students said they have noticed a shift away from direct disciplinary approaches toward more creative educational programs, but students at four schools said the recent policies have targeted alcohol usage at the expense of Greek life.”
Harvard University Mixology Classes, Cash, and Other Creative Ways Colleges Combat Binge-Drinking-3/28/14 Some schools, like Harvard University, offer grants so students can buy items other than alcohol for their parties.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Harvard University Students

Nathan Bihlmaier, 31, May 20, 2012, Harvard Business School More Information Nathan was reported missing and was found two days later in Portland Harbor.  Prior to being missing, he was asked to leave a bar near the harbor because of intoxication.  Tests showed his blood/alcohol level to be .22.

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