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University of Idaho


University of Idaho in the Press

University of Idaho Learn to like hangovers-9/21/10 Student’s experiences with hangovers including is reflection: “It was only in retrospect that I realized how lucky I had actually been. By the time my dorm neighbor had agreed to walk my drunk friend and I around campus, I could barely stand. Had he been more forceful, my neighbor would have probably succeeded in taking me to the hospital that night. The hangover that followed did not disappoint. While I managed to avoid more severe consequences, the price I paid for that night lasted for almost an entire week.”
University of Idaho Can’t tolerate alcohol on campus—4/4/10 “It is easy to expunge one's own responsibility to one's student body by pointing to individual and parental responsibility for this shameful neglect. It is likewise easy to point to the freewheeling attitudes on many other college campuses when it comes to tolerance of alcohol abuse. What can no longer be ignored is the widespread use of alcohol on the University of Idaho campus and the seemingly casual disregard by those in charge.”

University of Idaho

Lawsuit filed over girl's fall from Idaho fraternity house-9/9/11

Claim state that the University “should be held responsible for the student's September 2009 fall from a third-story fraternity house window.”  “The lawsuit states the defendants didn't do enough to ensure safe conditions at the fraternity and didn't do enough to prevent underage people, including Andaverde, from consuming alcohol.”


University of Idaho Shouldn’t Guy At Till Do Something?-9/11/13 “Selling booze in a college town may not be a license to print money, but it's close. Yet, the people actually profiting from the merchandising of liquor, beer and wine to college students seem to have little to say about the series of alcohol-related mishaps that have killed or maimed Washington State University and University of Idaho students.”
University of Idaho Academic Approach to Alcohol-8/23/13 “Beginning this year, University of Idaho freshmen will face immediate expulsion if their grade-point average is below 1.0 at the end of fall semester -- and whether or not alcohol is to blame, it's part of an effort to curb underage drinking.”
University of Idaho UI president: College drinking is a health crisis-8/16/13 “Since 2004, there have been three serious injuries and five University of Idaho student deaths, all blamed on alcohol consumption.”
University of Idaho University task forces combat drug and alcohol abuse-6/12/13 The death of UI student Joseph Wiederrick in January prompted university officials to take a closer look at why alcohol/drug-related programs have not worked as effectively in previous years.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Idaho Students

Daniel Miller, 23, April 25, 2009, University of Idaho  How and why? Daniel Miller Miller died after a night of drinking. Daniel and a group of friends began in a bar and later played drinking games in an appartment.  Daniel had a blood alcohol level of .45.
Wyatt T. Smith, 17, November 12, 2011, University of Idaho How and why? Benson lost his life in an automobile crash.  The driver, a fellow student who also died, was intoxicated at the time of the accident.  Four other student passengers were injured.
Benson J. Sternberg, 18, November 12, 2011, University of Idaho How and why? Benson lost his life in an automobile crash.  The driver, a fellow student who also died, was intoxicated at the time of the accident.  Four other student passengers were injured.
Joseph Wiederrick, 18, January 20, 2013, University of Idaho More Information Joseph lost his life from hypothermia after leaving a party at a fraternity where he was drinking.   Joseph was found under a bridge three miles from campus.  Toxicology tests measured his blood-alcohol level at .17 percent. Factoring in his four hours of wandering, investigators estimate his blood-alcohol level could have started as high as .25 to .30 percent.
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