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University of Illinois McKinley to host ninth-annual “Alcohol Awareness: Think Before You Drink”-10/16/14 “The Think Before You Drink event will consist of an expert panel informing students of what happens physically, mentally and socially when alcohol is consumed.”
University of Illinois When it comes to havoc-wreaking college bashes, UI has company-3/7/14 “the plan for today is to saturate campus with extra police and issue hundreds of tickets for underage drinking and public possession of alcohol. Police will crash apartment parties and check bars to keep drinks out of the hands of anyone under 21 years old.”
University of Illinois Law enforcement prepares for Unofficial-3/4/14 “While local law enforcement practices strict zero tolerance laws during Unofficial, extraneous circumstances will affect the assertion of some penalties.””
University of Illinois University students distribute alcohol safety information-2/26/14 “The Champaign Community Coalition hopes to deter alcohol related fatalities and injuries through the Walk as One. The pamphlet distributed during the event contains information to help students participate in a safer Unofficial, including a tip sheet, a list of penalties and guidelines for developing a “Drinking Plan.””
University of Illinois Police say focus during 'Unofficial' will be on pedestrians, parties-2/29/12 “Police will be focusing efforts on unsafe parties and pedestrian safety this year as University of Illinois students and their guests plan to launch their annual, daylong drinking binge. "Unofficial" is in its 17th year now after a bar owner in 1996 launched what was then a promotion to recuperate business that would be lost on the actual St. Patrick's Day.”
University of Illinois UI drinking culture needs to be reevaluated in light of recent Purdue death-10/13/10 “We’re a party school.  Although there are many students who do not drink and find alternative activities to participate in, as a campus we like to “go out.”  We have a dozen bars with an entry age of 19 in Champaign and 18 in Urbana. Clubs and groups do not need a reason to make T-shirts and go on a bar crawl almost any day of the week. And Thursday night, regardless what time people have class on Friday, is considered the weekend.

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Illinois Students

Bradley Bunte, 21, March 7, 2011, University of Illinois How and why? Bradley was walking down a busy street late on a Friday night after an “unofficial ST. Pat’s Day” gathering when a van clipped him with a side-view mirror, knocking him to the ground.  A second vehicle then ran over him.  Tests showed Bradley’s blood alcohol content to be about 0.27.
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