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Indiana University


Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Indiana University Students

Jarrod Polston, 18, September 11, 2010, Indiana University student visiting Ball State How and why? Jarrod was an Indiana University student visiting friends at Ball State University when he died in a dormitory room after partying with friends.  Tests determined that Jarrod had a toxic level of methadone in his system and tested positive for marijuana. According to the Delaware County Coroner, Jarrod had been using methadone and drinking alcohol.
Lauren Spierer, 20, (Missing) June 3, 2011, Indiana University How and why? Lauren has been missing since leaving a party noticeably under the influence.  Her parents have since been leading an effort to locate Lauren.   Throughout, there has been a troubling suspicion that some of Lauren’s former student friends may know her fate.  

Indiana University in the Press

Indiana University Police: Vigilance required as students return to campus-7/22/16 “College students should trust their instincts and parents should talk to their children about sexual consent and alcohol use before they return to campus.”
Indiana University Tragedies raise questions at Indiana University-5/11/15 In and around Bloomington, there's a grim and growing list of such landmarks, places where a young woman — a student at Indiana University — was last seen, where she disappeared, where she died or where her body was discovered.”
Indiana University How IU alcohol violations rank in the Big Ten-11/4/14 “An IndyStar examination of liquor law violations at the 14 Big Ten schools finds that IU ranks fifth in alcohol-related arrests and disciplinary actions — on and off campus.”
Indiana University How did Kelly Hackendahl die-8/29/14 “The party culture that hovers over IU and the Bloomington, Indiana region has long been under the scope of scrutiny, because many students have indeed died while attending this school.”
Indiana University IU move-in day; Mother educates students on power of good decision-8/20/14 “Always walk with a friend, know the laws, never take an open drink, and always watch out for each other because t could save a life.”
Indiana University When it comes to havoc-wreaking college bashes, UI has company-3/7/14 “Authorities concentrate more police officers in Bloomington during the events, and they arrested 235 people on 285 charges during the Little 500 in 2013.”
Indiana University Alcohol limits at fraternity parties a small step forward-11/19/13 “Alcohol is at the root of many student-related problems on the Indiana University campus. That’s known even to some of the students, which prompted the IU Interfraternity Council to recently set limits on the amount of hard alcohol allowed at fraternity parties.”
Indiana University IU: No Plans to Increase Friday Classes-6/15/12 “Two-thirds of students do have Friday classes, including 94-percent of freshmen. The number steadily declines through four years of school, with just 44-percent of seniors in class on Fridays. But the review found that Friday is the day many upperclassmen set aside for other academic-related work, including internships, student teaching and labs.”
Indiana University Over 250 cited during IU's Little 500 weekend-4/23/12 “Amid a huge crackdown by Indiana State Excise Police and despite plenty of advance warning, over 250 people were ticketed and dozens were arrested.”
Indiana University Bloomington alcohol citations nearly double after Spierer disappearance-3/31/12 “The citations include possession of a fake ID, giving a false age to bar staff, illegal consumption, illegal possession, false informing and a minor entering the bar, the data show.  Of the 52 people who received citations at the three Kilroy's bars in 2011, 38 of them are current IU students and five are former students.”
Indiana University Excise police crack down on drinking on college campuses-2/22/12 “The Intensified College Enforcement - or "ICE" - patrols, are an aggressive new crackdown by State Excise Police on alcohol abuse around college campuses. In addition to legal ramifications, officers poured out any alcohol found in an offender's possession.”
Indiana University Lauren Spierer's Final Companion Settles Unrelated Case-12/8/11 Repetitive  nature of student drinking illustrated in a high focus situation
Indiana University Indiana University officials support LAPD veteran's call for vigilance-11/16/11 “The party atmosphere at Indiana University isn't going anywhere. Not much has changed, five months after 20-year-old Lauren Spierer disappeared after a night out with friends.”  “"I think there is a lot of mythology about the college environment. Sometimes students think it's a sanctuary from the real world. The rules don't apply. Maybe the commen sense things they had to do at home they don't have to do at college. We really want to help them understand those things still apply."”
Indiana University Excise Police Issue 72 Tickets At IU Homecoming-10/31/11 “Excise police cracked down on underage drinking during Indiana University’s  homecoming. Excise officers issued 72 citations to 57 people and arrested 9 people Saturday.  Since the disappearance of IU student Lauren Spierer, excise police say there have been major strides in the crackdown against underage drinking.”
Indiana University Recent tragedies have IU students revisiting safety-10/2/11 “The fire is the latest in a series of tragedies at IU. The disappearance of Spierer in June continues to be on the minds of students and last week, a student committed suicide in his dorm room.”
Indiana University Opinion---Is Your College Student Safe?-9/5/11 “Missing college student, Lauren Spierer, is just one case of the many students who go missing each year.”
Indiana University IU Health & Wellness: Back-to-campus issue-8/30/11 Reports on study addressing student well-being, including this finding on those more extroverted: “They don't go clubbing as much as the others. They spend more time on what we call spiritual reflection. They write in journals. These are the kinds of people who tend to be more happy. These also are the people who mostly graduate from college."
Indiana University Excise police issue nearly 200 tickets in Bloomington-8/29/11 “The State Excise Police will continue its efforts to ensure the safety of everyone in college communities by enforcing the underage drinking laws and other laws that regulate the access of alcohol to minors.”
Indiana University College Crackdown Nabs Students-Fake IDs, Underage Drinking In Crosshairs-8/29/11 “Students at Ball State, Indiana University, Indiana State and Notre Dame were ticketed for underage drinking and using fake IDs in a crackdown designed to cut down on alcohol consumption.”
Indiana University IU falls to No. 16 party school-8/3/11 Indiana University’s reaction to placement on list and validity of listing
Indiana University Party school label has different meaning at IU-8/1/11 “Indiana University is again labeled as one of the top party schools in the nation, but this year, the designation is no laughing matter.  The ranking comes weeks after 20-year-old student Lauren Spierer disappeared after a night of drinking in a local bar.”  Will a more sobering attitude result?
Indiana University Bloomington apartment complex polishing its image after college student's disappearance-7/24/11 After 20-year-old student Lauren Spierer disappears, facility used a student residence reacts to its image as a haven for hard partiers.
Indiana University College Party Culture Offers Dangerous Mix For Students-6/13/11 “The current culture on many college campuses can lead to problems including drug and alcohol abuse, criminal activity and health concerns.  Social studies analysts said that on most college campuses across the country, many students drink alcohol and many are underage.”
Indiana University Student group seeks amnesty from alcohol-related 911 calls-2/18/11 “An IU student who died after he passed out at a party on campus last month is fueling a campaign to change the rules. A group of IU students says students like Brian Macken may still be alive if his classmates weren't so afraid to call 911.”
Indiana University IU student death underscores need for campus and community involvement to reduce underage and high-risk drinking-10/1/10 “The consequences of poor judgment by college students can be too severe for campus administrators to look the other way.  Although the students are adults in the legal sense, their brains are not fully matured, challenging their ability to make sound decisions.  We must ensure that the communities in which students pursue a college education are safe and that the campus environment does not inadvertently facilitate underage or excessive alcohol use.”
Indiana University Communities have role in keeping students sober-10/1/10 Editorial regarding lessons that should be learned from death of IU student at Ball State.  “There are evidence-based approaches that can be implemented to reduce alcohol and drug use, including increasing law enforcement activities, restricting alcohol advertising and price promotions, and providing alcohol-free student activities.”
Indiana University Staying Sober on Campus: Success Stories in Effort to End Alcohol Abuse Among College Students—Spring 2010 “The percentage of IU students who consumed more than five drinks in a week went from 42.8 percent in 2006 to 37.5 percent in 2009, a 12.4 percent decrease.-------The percentage of IU students who engaged in binge drinking in the previous two weeks went from 60.3 percent in 2006 to 56.8 percent in 2009, a 5.8 percent decrease.------The percentage of IU students who have experienced legal troubles or received disciplinary action in the previous two weeks went from 15.3 percent in 2006 to 12.3 percent in 2009, a 19.6 percent decrease.”
Indiana University The silent victims of rape on college campuses-3/24/10 “Traces of Rohypnol, commonly known as “Roofies,” can be found in blood up to 24 hours after digestion and in urine up to three days. She said the drug promotes loss of memory, amplifies the effects of alcohol and induces lengthy periods of “blackouts” or unconsciousness — a perfect tool for predators.”
Indiana University In college_ first year is by far the riskiest-1/24/06 “Seth Korona, 19, of Marlton, N.J., was hand-standing on a beer keg at Indiana University on Jan. 28, 2001, when he fell, suffering a fatal brain injury, the coroner said.’
Indiana colleges Excise Police reminds college students of perils of underage drinking on campus-8/25/14 ““Excise officers are committed to reducing tragedies associated with underage drinking and excessive alcohol consumption.””
Indiana Colleges Amnesty bill promoted by Purdue students signed-5/5/12 “The Senate Enrolled Act 274, also known as the “Indiana Lifeline Law,” is to encourage miners to seek emergency assistance for friends rather than not calling and leaving them in medical peril.  “In too many cases, and one would be too many, students were hesitant to come to the aid, or summon aid, to a friend who had over indulged in alcohol and sometimes with tragic consequences,” Daniels said.”
Indiana Colleges Gov. Daniels signs Lifeline bill into law-3/18/12 “Those who seek medical help for an underage intoxicated friend in the state of Indiana will now be able to receive limited protection under the newly signed Indiana Lifeline Law.”
Indiana Colleges Proposed Bill Would Allow Guns On College Campuses-12/7/11 “"Alcohol plays a big role in people's weekends, and people using (a gun) responsibly will be an issue,"” IU Junior TL said. ----- “"Ever since the disappearance of Lauren Spierer, I've been kind of scared (for my safety)," said IU junior EJ. "To have one for protection, I think it's a good idea. It's in our Bill of Rights, so I'd say go for it."”

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