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University of Iowa The most dangerous drug at the UI? Alcohol-4/20/16 Study “found that students on our campus are more likely to use marijuana, more likely to drink alcohol, and more likely to engage in high-risk drinking and experience negative consequences.”
University of Iowa University of Iowa debuts new, more ambitious, 'alcohol harm reduction' goals-8/1/16 “That culture historically has received a lot of attention — with the university earning top party-school accolades year after year.”
University of Iowa UI officials to focus on binge drinking-8/27/14 “According to a health behavior and wellness study conducted in 2014 by the UI, out of more than 30,000 students, 54.1 percent binge, and 27.4 percent are classified as heavy drinkers.“
University of Iowa UI President Mason: high-risk drinking down on campus-8/26/14 “The rate of University of Iowa students who report engaging in high-risk drinking has fallen 16 percentage points since 2009, moving it closer to the national average.”
University of Iowa UI student alcohol consumption-8/26/14 “"Five, six years ago, I was frankly embarrassed by rates of binge drinking that exceeded the national average significantly," Mason said "Our rates have now come down … and we hope obviously to continue working on this and drop them even further.""
University of Iowa UI targeted for in-depth alcohol, drug analysis UI targeted for in-depth alcohol, drug analysis-6/20/14 “The University of Iowa’s dubious crowning as the country’s top party school has earned it an in-depth analysis by a national advocacy group hoping to shed light on the larger picture of drug and alcohol use on American college campuses.”
University of Iowa Young woman in Iowa called 'world's drunkest college student'-9/5/13 “Police say her blood alcohol level was .341, more than four times the legal limit for driving.”
University of Iowa "Things like … having Friday classes have been shown to be very effective on college campuses" in reducing drinking.-9/3/13 “He said it’s not clear whether the Friday class increase itself "was successful because we did a number of other things at the same time which combined have led to reduced drinking among our students."”
University of Iowa 21-only supporters dismiss party school ranking-8/7/13 ” The bar-entry age debate is heating up just as a new report says UI is the top party school in the country. Princeton Review, which ranks colleges in a slew of categories, says voluntary-response surveys from students show UI is among the nation’s best campuses for accessing alcohol and liquor.”
University of Iowa Local police officials discuss downtown safety in wake of death near ISU's VEISHEA-4/24/12 “Iowa City police said calls to the department locally also tend to increase during such events as football that draw crowds to the city.”
University of Iowa UI sending more letters to parents for students with alcohol-related ER visits-4/09/12 “Eighteen year-olds represented 52 percent of all UI students transported to emergency rooms in the fall of 2011.”
University of Iowa Mason: Party rank perplexing-8/26/11 “The UI rose from No. 9 in the 2010 rankings to No. 4 in the nation this year.”  Iowa’s President questioning whether the dubious ranking is  justified
University of Iowa Princeton Review Top Party Schools 2011-8/3/11 Reports on Princeton Review’s 2011 top party school list and provides the top ten.------- #9.) Iowa
University of Iowa Stats from UI Alcohol Harm Reduction Plan show decreases-7/14/11 “The 21-ordinance played a significant role in the Alcohol Harm Reduction Plan’s successful efforts to reduce University of Iowa students binge-drinking rates and high-risk alcohol initiatives.”
University of Iowa Drinking stats encouraging, not proof of programs’ efficacy-6/27/11 Considering data to determine effectiveness of prevention efforts
University of Iowa United UI and city council believe time is right for 21-only-5/28/11 Town and UI act to limit underage student’s presence in bars.
University of Iowa Loh may face another alcohol battle at Maryland-10/12/10 Iowa’s outgoing President will assume a similar position at the University of Maryland.  Having been diligent in addressing alcohol abuse issues at Iowa, the author questions what will be his approach at Maryland.
University of Iowa Schedule of classes and alcohol-related emergencies (#165)-9/13/10 Report of results from Iowa’s steps to address campus drinking, including increased the number of classes held on Friday.
University of Iowa UI administrations backed 21-only in the past-3/23/10 “Though University of Iowa officials have supported a 21-ordinance before, some say President Sally Mason’s administration is taking the strongest stance.  Mason, who has said she regrets not supporting 21-only bars in 2007, is now backing the proposal along with other senior officials and the UI Faculty Council.”
Iowa Colleges Books & booze: Can Iowa schools, students put end to tragedies?-8/21/11 “Iowa State University, the University of Iowa and Drake have all begun requiring incoming freshmen to complete AlcoholEdu, an online alcohol tutorial, within the past few years. The University of Northern Iowa is beginning a pilot project using the program this fall.”



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