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James Madison University in the Press

James Madison University JMU Greek Life Alcohol Ban to Remain in Effect During Graduation-5/6/15 On this momentous day, many grads may celebrate with alcohol, but for James Madison University Greek students, any social events will run dry.”
James Madison University JMU Students Get Mixed Messages About Alcohol Off Campus -8/25/11 “A large banner displaying prices for kegs hanging in front of Kroger Supermarket in Harrisonburg is not sitting well with many JMU students.”  “"It's these kids coming here for the first time to college and these people are trying to target them."
James Madison University JMU Alcohol Policy Keeps Many Underage Students From Drinking-8/29/11 “With students back at James Madison University, we're checking in on the alcohol policy on campus that was changed last year.  The university says the new policy seems to be working and violations are happening less often.”
James Madison University Alcohol and college really don't mix “James Madison University has started off-campus patrols every weekend and joined Virginia Tech and other schools in notifying parents of every alcohol-related violation their children commit.”
James Madison University Most College Alcohol Arrests at VT-11/16/09 “Police charged Virginia Tech students with nearly three times as many on-campus alcohol-related crimes compared to other universities in 2008.”  “Virginia Tech reported 219 liquor law arrests, while JMU reported 87 and the University of Virginia reported 80. In addition, 598 alcohol violations were referred for disciplinary action at Tech, 573 at JMU and 16 at U.Va”
James Madison University Wake Forest and James Madison Take Aim at Binge Drinking-8/19/10 “In a letter to students, the president of James Madison University announced plans to step up enforcement of laws against underage drinking and public intoxication as part of a broader effort to "transform the JMU alcohol culture,"”
James Madison University Important Message to Students from President Linwood Rose-8/18/10 Letter to students from President states in part: “While our mission is to prepare you to be educated and enlightened citizens, our primary concern is always your personal health and safety. Last spring semester ended with some lingering issues surrounding negative alcohol-related events off campus. As your President and on behalf of the university community, I remain very concerned about the abuse and underage use of alcohol by some of our students.”
James Madison University Alcohol policies change student attitudes-4/7/11 “There were 652 alcohol violations in the 2009-10 academic year on campus, with 689 offenses this year, according to Bacon. Off campus, there were 589 violations last year, with 489 violations this year. This totals to 1,241 cases during the 2009-2010 school year and 1,178 cases this year. An additional 77 cases are pending for this year.”
James Madison University Alcohol, drug charges rare for college students-2/26/11 Survey of DC area schools demonstrates that “students who break drug and alcohol laws are "fully aware that, for the most part, nothing is going to happen to them,"  “Springfest at James Madison University: The annual outside gathering at the central Virginia school attracts thousands of partiers and erupted in riots last year when people began throwing beer bottles and cans.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving James Madison Students

Marisa Curlen, 20, April 17, 2015, James Madison University More Information Marisa lost her life after being found unconscious in a bedroom at her college sorority.  Reports stated that her demise resulted from alcohol poisoning.
Haeley N. McGuire, 18, May 15, 2011, University of South Carolina (HS Grad-to attend SC)  More Information Haeley lost her life in an automobile accident.   The intoxicated driver was a student at James Madison University.  Two others lost their lives in the crash.  The group had attended two parties prior to the accident.

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