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University of Kansas

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Kansas Students

Follow the links for article's detailing the tragic incidents for each individual.
Jason Christopher Wren, March 9, 2009, University of Kansas More Information Jason,  had gone out to dinner with friends Saturday night and drank several pitchers of margaritas at a Lawrence restaurant. Jason then drank 10 to 12 beers at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house, and drank from a bottle of Jack Daniel’s until he passed out. His fraternity brothers put him to bed.
Dalton Eli Hawkins, April  24 , 2009, University of Kansas More Information Dalton was found dead outside a dorm on campus.  On Thursday night, Dalton accompanied other fraternity members on a bus trip to go see a Kansas City Wizards game. He said there had been some drinking on the bus as it left for the game. Dalton had consumed alcohol before he fell to his death from the three-story Watkins Scholarship Hall.
Kara Morgan, September 12, 2009, University of Kansas More Information Kara’s car was struck by another car driving the wrong way on the highway.  While the intoxicated driver of the other car was primarily responsible for the tragedy, the police concluded that the intoxication level of both drivers were contributors to the accident. 
Marco Vendetti. April 28, 2012, Kansas University Law School  (Nonstudent killed by intoxicated law student driver) More Information Marco lost his life when the car he was driving was struck by another vehicle traveling the wrong way on a highway.  The wayward driver was an intoxicated law student whose blood/alcohol level was measured at .242. 
Gianfranco Villagomez-Saldana, 23, December 7, 2013, University of Kansas More Information Gianfranco was found a few blocks from where he left friends after leaving a party.  In a fall, Gianfranco suffered skull fractures, bruising on the brain and broken ribs that suggested he fell on a hard surface.   His blood alcohol level was measured at 0.18 percent.

University of Kansas in the Press

University of Kansas Kansas' Good Samaritan law could save lives on campuses-3/29/16 “With this policy in mind, students are encouraged to call 911 in the case of drug and alcohol emergencies for the well-being of themselves and fellow students.”
University of Kansas Alcohol and sex can create a dangerous mix on campus-9/13/14 “As part of that 2009 report, KU implemented new alcohol policies.”   See article for policies.
University of Kansas Pledge's death leads Kansas fraternity to go dry-4/15/13 “Of the 15 fraternity houses at KU, SAE is the second to go dry, behind Phi Delta Theta, which banned alcohol 13 years ago. All Panhellenic sororities that include housing at KU and nationwide are alcohol free.”
University of Kansas Memory of Jason Wren educates students about alcohol-4/22/12 Student article---“ The KU Department of Student Housing prohibits alcohol in all residences. According to Clery Act records, during the calendar years of 2008 and 2009 in on-campus residence halls, there were 1,881 times in which students had violated the liquor law policy and received disciplinary action or a judicial referral, in which an administrator determines if action is necessary.  Jason received at least three of those violations, and when he downplayed the violations to his father, Jay Wren, Jay started asking questions.  When he called the department to find out why Jason was asked to leave, he was told they could not discuss Jason’s alcohol violations with him because of the University’s privacy policy.”
University of Kansas KU students designate SafeBus as preferred ride-2/5/12 “. In 2008, the first year SafeBus operated, it gave the equivalent of 10,000 student rides. The program has become much more popular. Last semester, it’s provided 42,000 student rides.”  “Tonight’s SafeBus crowd might be rowdy. They might be drunk. But they are a courteous bunch.”
University of Kansas Walking while drunk can be dangerous on New Year’s-12/30/11 “In 1998, a Kansas University freshman was run over and killed by another KU student driving an SUV. The freshman had fallen down while walking across Tennessee Street. Both the students were found to be intoxicated.”
University of Kansas Editorial: Excessive drinking hurts academic success-8/28/11 “But for students under age (and even those of age), the warm, booze-filled weekend is often abused. New students especially need to be careful while celebrating their new-found freedom from parental oversight. Because if they aren’t, they could find themselves out of college entirely.”
University of Kansas UO ranks high for student drug, alcohol use-6/4/11 Based on government data, University of Kansas and other schools rank high in number of alcohol violations.   Is this evidence of higher illegal and high risk drinking on these campuses or a more diligent effort to control the activities and risk?----- Source: Federal Department of Education 2009 data
University of Kansas Renew KU coalition hopes to bring beer back to Jaybowl-3/30/11 Banned for 10 years after an incident, proposal to again allow beer sales at campus bowling alley.
University of Kansas Surveys indicate continuing alcohol problems among KU students-1/14/11 Preliminary survey results: KU students are drinking less alcohol on campus and more alcohol off-campus.   • There may be a higher tolerance for underage drinking in this community, compared with other college communities.         • Binge drinking and irresponsible drinking continue to rise among students. One survey indicates about a third of KU students consume more than five drinks per night.”
University of Kansas Students at KU take stand against campus alcohol abuse-5/3/10 “About 34 journalism students, with the support of university officials, are developing a campaign against high-risk drinking that they hope to take to other campuses.”
University of Kansas Parent notification policies for underage drinking evolve-2/23/10 “Last year, a University of Kansas freshman died of alcohol poisoning less than two weeks after he was kicked out of campus housing for alcohol violations that his parents knew nothing about. Within months, the university began to notify parents about serious or repeat alcohol violations.”
University of Kansas KU enacting new alcohol policies to contend with buzz factor-8/19/09 KU’s reaction to a recent student alcohol-related death
University of Kansas KU to require most students to take class on alcohol-8/17/09 KU’s reaction to a recent student alcohol-related death
University of Kansas Recent Legal Action Against Fraternities for Drinking-Related Deaths-2010 “In January 2010, the parents of a Kansas University student sued his fraternity in a wrongful death suit; they also sued 10 of the fraternity members. Jason Wren, a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, was found dead after a night of drinking.”

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