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Lafayette College


Lafayette College in the Press

Lafayette College Lafayette College has begun 'systematic review' of alcohol policies, spokesman says-6/16/12 “Lafayette College has begun a "systematic review" of its alcohol education and enforcement policies, a spokesman said this week following the May 5 death of a 19-year-old freshman.”
Lafayette College Message to Parents from President Weiss-5/11/12 ”In this difficult time of tragic loss, Lafayette parents have sent us messages of thanks for our updates and notes of concern about what we are doing to curb the use of alcohol on campus.”
Lafayette College Lafayette College has begun 'systematic review' of alcohol policies, spokesman says-5/15/12 “Partying activities just off the Lafayette College campus on All-College Day resulted in 32 arrests, but authorities have not disclosed what -- if any -- link the parties had to Glenn's death.  Police said most of the arrests happened after 11 a.m. near West Monroe and Hamilton streets, outside off-campus residences owned by the college and occupied by students.”
Lafayette College’s Lafayette College invites alumni, parents to virtual town hall meeting on alcohol-7/23/12 “Two months after the alcohol-related death of a freshman, Lafayette College is holding a virtual town hall meeting tonight for parents and alumni to discuss the school's alcohol policies and procedures.”
Lafayette College’s Lafayette's All-College Day could be reformatted after underage drinking problems-7/23/12 “Penalties regarding alcohol should also be structured to reflect the severity of the violation rather than being a one-size-fits-all penalty as they are now, Limas said.  Those suggestions were some of more than 60 Limas and others on an ad hoc committee drafted in response to underage drinking and the alcohol-related death of a student in May.”
Lafayette College Lafayette College spokesman says alcohol policy for athletic department remains under review-9/12/13 “The college, which a little more than a year ago wrestled with the alcohol-related death of freshman Everett Glenn, of Clifton, N.J., is trying to figure out the best ways possible to keep students safe from the dangers of drinking too much.”
Lafayette College Lafayette College aims to curb drinking at All-College Day after last year's campus death-5/10/13 Dean of Students--“I had experience seeing it work,” he said, using education and outreach to help curb the college drinking culture. “You can actually move that needle. It’s not just about enforcement.”
Lafayette College Lafayette College student's death prompts review of underground fraternities-1/16/13 “Several "underground selective membership organizations" exist in violation of campus policies, and the members of an unrecognized organization were involved in Glenn's May 5 birthday death.”
Lafayette College Lafayette College's new president to focus on technology, reducing underage drinking-1/17/13 “The key is keeping students “busy and engaged,” and “giving them productive ways to slow down and relax,” Byerly said. That could mean more extracurricular activities and educational opportunities outside the classroom, she said.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Lafayette College Students

Everett Glenn 19, May 12, 2012, Lafayette College More Information Everett lost his life after drinking excessively while celebrating his 19th birthday.  The alcohol caused Everett to go into cardiac arrest.  In the party’s aftermath, 32 students were charged with various offenses, mostly relating to alcohol.
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