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University of Maryland No to beer at Byrd-4/21/15 Athletics department officials generally report no significant change one way or the other in alcohol-related problems as gauged by arrests, ejections and other such measures. But considering the magnitude of such problems on college campuses, no significant change isn't exactly a ringing endorsement.”
University of Maryland Debate brewing at UMD over game day alcohol sales-4/20/15 But the student government president reasons: "If you sell alcohol, people will have a stable and consistent way to drink during the game."  That's better, the junior said, than students overindulging before entering the stadium or leaving at halftime to drink more.”
University of Maryland Univ. of Maryland officials discuss selling alcohol at athletic events-9/22/14 “SGA President Patrick Ronk said the driving force in this initiative is an effort to increase safety by decreasing binge drinking before games.” Address issue
University of Maryland Drinking for college students statewide meets national average-8/22/14 “More than half of youth who drink binge drink, and approximately two-thirds of the alcohol consumed by youth is consumed during binge drinking.” Student article
University of Maryland UMD College Student Pedestrian Accidents UMD College Student Pedestrian Accidents-5/9/14 “Officers will issue warnings to jaywalkers and those intoxicated in public. Drunk driving and distracted driving laws will be strictly enforced.” Address issue
University of Maryland Beer The Turtle? Not Worth The Trouble-3/4/14 “Gee, student groups supporting a bill for legal drinking on campus. What's next -- endorsing a plan making C the worst possible grade?” General
University of Maryland Drug and alcohol policies-11/14/13 Student view-----“While these policies define expectations for behavior, they unduly restrict students who are of legal drinking age. Student article
University of Maryland Truth be teetotaled-12/6/11 Student view----“At nearly every college soiree — such as that get-together a few nights back — there always seems to be those few people sitting awkwardly in one corner of the room, trying to completely avoid the alcohol table.”  “Turning down a drink may be outwardly uncomfortable, but it's far more important that you feel comfortable with your own decisions.” Student article
University of Maryland Colleges warn more students abusing stimulants-11/27/11 “But the average user is often a below-average student, according to a study by the University of Maryland’s Center on Young Adult Health and Development. The center surveyed 1,250 students and found that those using stimulants had a grade-point average of 2.82, lower than the non-user average of 2.96. Users also studied two hours less per week, socialized three and a half hours more and missed more classes.” Address issue
University of Maryland SSDP moves to expand Good Sam-Group hopes policy will extend coverage to drugs-9/28/11 Student article—“The University Senate approved an official Good Samaritan policy in March, which protects dangerously intoxicated students from university sanction if they call for help for themselves or a friend. While this is the first full semester it will be enforced, members of SSDP said they are already mobilizing different on-campus groups to extend the policy to students on drugs.” Student article
University of Maryland Underage drinking to be tackled-9/6/11 “The first weekend of the semester usually means massive house parties, hours-long tailgates and an abundant flow of alcohol for both new and returning students. And while University Police said this year was no different, they hope it won't last long.” Address issue
University of Maryland Guest column: Safe and necessary action-12/8/10 Student article:  “The fact that many underage students consume copious amounts of alcohol is no secret. Administrators, faculty, staff and students know alcohol abuse is a massive problem affecting this university, as well as nearly every college in America. In fact, I believe that it would be difficult — perhaps even impossible — to find someone at this university who does not know someone who has gotten sick as a result of overconsuming alcohol.” Student article  
University of Maryland Loh may face another alcohol battle at Maryland-10/12/10 Iowa’s outgoing President will assume a similar position at the University of Maryland.  Having been diligient in addressing alcohol abuse issues at Iowa, the author questions what will be his approach at Maryland. Address issue
University of Maryland Which Campus Has The Highest Crime Rate?-5/27/10 Crime statistics compared for DC area colleges. Study
University of Maryland Schools trying to prevent and respond to sexual violence-5/23/10 Article covers various approaches to and causes of sexual violence in addition to: "Our findings call into question the assertions of some advocates who claim that lowering the drinking age to 18 would be a useful strategy for reducing harm associated with alcohol consumption," Address issue
University of Maryland In college_ first year is by far the riskiest-1/24/06 “Fraternity members put Danny in a room, closed the door and told others that they would care for him and to stay out. In a lawsuit, Danny's parents said that by preventing others "who might have been more responsible" from seeing their son, the fraternity members denied Danny "the help he obviously needed under the circumstances."” General risks
Maryland colleges Maryland Releases Survey On College Drinking-8/12/14 “The survey showed about one in eight drove drunk and one in four missed classes.“

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Maryland Students

Michael Scrocca, 23, April 30, 2005, University of Maryland How and why? Michael died after he couldn't escape a fire that began on the porch of his College Park house after a party. The offending student was arrested on arson and murder charges. 
John Hoover, 20, May 15, 2011, University of Maryland How and why? John lost his life in an automobile accident.   The intoxicated driver was a student at James Madison University.  Two others lost their lives in the crash.  The group had attended two parties prior to the accident.
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