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Miami University (OH)


Miami University (OH) in the Press

Miami University Miami administration’s attempts to combat drinking culture is all ‘smoke and mirrors’-2/26/16 Student view---“Take a step back and think about it. Take away the bar scenes, Greek life and loosely enforced drinking laws of Oxford, and what else does Miami have to offer its students?”
Miami University Dangerous drinking is most definitely a Greek problem, not just a college problem-3/1/16 Student view---“ At universities across the country, it is the enforcement of explicitly gender-neutral policies — such as the policing of alcohol in residence halls — that have very gendered consequences. It is these policies that encourage first-year students, who are by and large underage, to turn to fraternities to party.”
Miami University Miami frats created a 'counterculture,' official says-5/4/16 “Less than half of fraternities and sororities are “in good standing” at the university.”
Miami University Alcohol abroad: Fewer students drink to excess while away-4/17/15 An ongoing study has uncovered that Miami students are wilder in the United States when they drink underage than when traveling abroad at the legal drinking age.”
Miami University Miami forms new alcohol committee-3/31/15 The task force’s report found that Miami’s high-risk drinking rates ranked higher than the national average.”
Miami University Miami student drinking habits exceed national average-3/10/15 Baudry Young said the majority of students at Miami are making good decisions around alcohol, but those who are making high-risk decisions are most visible.”
Miami University Alcohol policy keeps students safe-12/5/14 “The Good Samaritan Policy, also known as the Medical Amnesty Policy, offers students an opportunity to seek the emergency help they may need for themselves or a friend when under the influence of alcohol or drugs without legal consequence.”
Miami University Jail, letters to parents used to combat Miami drinking-9/29/13 “Sending alcohol offenders to the Butler County Jail – and sending letters home to parents from prosecutors after their children are arrested – are the latest efforts to curb high-risk drinking on the Miami University campus.”
Miami University So long, Sigma Chi: Alcohol-fueled Ohio fraternity went too far-4/10/12 “They got the ax this week from the fraternity’s national executive committee, which ordered the Miami chapter shut down. All 29 Miami University Sigma Chi members have to be out of the frat house in Oxford, Ohio, by Wednesday.”
Miami University Miami University's Greek groups 'in crisis'-Recent incidents blamed on alcohol-7/27/10 Independent study results: "It becomes clear that the foundation of Greek life, values, individual growth and development, achieving higher standards set forth in initiation rituals, as well as a defined and inherent purpose and path, are virtually non-existent."
Miami University Miami works to stem the debauchery-Fraternities, sororities 'gone wild' give school a black eye-6/27/10 “A dozen Greek organizations have been temporarily banned for misbehavior in 35 incidents in the past five years, according to records The Enquirer obtained from Miami, where one-third of students pledge sororities or fraternities.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Miami University (OH) Students

Beth A. Speidel, April 14, 2007, Miami University  (Ohio) How and why? She was struck by a train traveling through a well-marked railroad crossing.  Her alcohol level iwas more than twice the legal driving limit of .08.
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