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University of Minnesota in the Press

University of Minnesota New study using new definition of Alcohol Use Disorder shows that number affected has increased-6/3/15 “At the University of Minnesota, 72 percent of students on campus reported current alcohol use, according to the 2013 College Student Health Survey. In that survey, females reported drinking three percent more than males did."
University of Minnesota U of M police target student drinking to deter major crimes-10/10/14 “The number of alcohol-related citations just over the first weekend of the semester this year? More than 90, most coming between 10 p.m. and midnight.”
University of Minnesota Crackdown on illegal drinking may prevent crime, U police say-10/9/14 “Officials say intoxicated students were targets in robberies last fall; move is also part of a wider effort to improve campus safety.”
University of Minnesota Police rarely cite drinking-10/16/13 “University of Minnesota police reported 181 alcohol offenses in 2012, which includes tickets for underage drinking, public consumption and open liquor bottles in vehicles.”
University of Minnesota Educating college students about alcohol use & abuse-9/20/13 “Underage drinking has been such a big problem on college campuses in this country that the University of Minnesota is now requiring freshmen to take an alcohol education class. It’s a combination of surveys, questions and videos about alcohol safety.”
University of Minnesota Minnesota Football: Golden Gophers Open to Beer Sales Revenue Stream-3/10/12 “It appears that more and more colleges are looking to generate extra revenue for their athletic programs at football games by letting the alcohol flow more freely inside the stadium once the pregame tailgating is over.”  
University of Minnesota Drinking collaborative establishes guidelines-7/8/11 Representatives from 32 colleges and universities meet in the newly formed Collaborative on High-Risk Drinking, including Duke University ---- More information on the Learning Collaborative at  http://www.nchip.org/
University of Minnesota Editorial: Change alcohol rules and culture on campus-Most recent U sexual-assault cases highlight drinking issue.-10/8/10 The alcohol-fueled culture is making headlines again at the University of Minnesota. Three cases of alleged sexual assaults have been reported at three different U fraternities.  To get serious about student safety, the frats and other venues for college drinking must redouble their efforts to tighten their rules.”
University of Minnesota Anti-binge drinking ads to be displayed at U-9/13/10 “The Other Hangover — a student-designed and executed ad campaign highlighting the social side effects of binge drinking — is a reality at the University of Minnesota with mirror clings in residence hall bathrooms, posters on 20 campus area bus shelters and a billboard above Stub & Herbs that is going up this week.”
University of Minnesota U. of Minnesota exposes 'The Other Hangover'-9/10 “The students surveyed their peers, who reported that the threat of DUIs, alcohol poisoning, assault, jail time or death did not scare them enough to drink responsibly”
University of Minnesota In college_ first year is by far the riskiest-1/24/06 Jonathan Thielen, 19, ”fell off a bunk bed in a University of Minnesota dorm early on Feb. 17, 2001, after a night of drinking,”  “Thielen began vomiting but told friends he was OK”” When students awoke the next morning, Thielen was dead of what the county medical examiner said were "traumatic head injuries due to fall."
 Minnesota's Colleges Our View: Statistics on binge drinking are cause for concer-1/23/12 “The 2007-08 school year was a rough one on Minnesota's college campuses, when four young people died as a result of binge drinking. These tragedies, fortunately, prompted some constructive dialogue and aggressive action to combat underage drinking and discourage binge drinking among college students. Since then, we're not aware of a single binge-drinking fatality on a college campus in Minnesota. “

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Minnesota  Students

Michael Anyasike, 18, March 9, 2014,  (Nonstudent-At party hosted by college student attended by 100 college students and others underage.) More Information Michael lost his life after leaving a party hosted by college student attended by 100 college students and others underage.  He died of hypothermia with alcohol as a contributing factor.
Jacob Anderson, 16, December 15, 2013,  University of Minnesota More Information Jacob was found by the Mississippi River after he had died of hypothermia with acute alcohol intoxication contributing to his demise.
Kandyce Stoffel, 23, October. 24, 2010, University of Minnesota More Information Kandyce lost her life when she was stuck by an intoxicated driver. The driver, a student at the University of Minnesota, had a blood-alcohol level of 0.16.
Edward Andrew Bump, November 2, 2007, University of Minnesota More Information A suit filed by Edward's parents claimed that  a bar named Boomtown and its employees were negligent for serving alcohol to Bump when he was underage and obviously intoxicated, which led to his death by suicide.
Kyle Sharbonno, April 1, 2007, University of Minnesota  More Information Kyle Sharbonno fell from the third floor of a parking garage and died.  Two students have been charged with providing alcoholic beverages to a minor that resulted in death.
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