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University of Mississippi in the Press

University of Mississippi University reflects on 4-years of 2-strike policy-11/30/10 “The policy states that if a student is found in violation of the school’s alcohol or drug policy, he or she is issued a strike and therefore put on a probationary period. If the same student receives another strike within the probationary period, he or she is suspended from the University for the remainder of the current semester as well as the following fall or spring semester.”  “University administrators say that close to 1,200 students have been issued a strike since the policy’s inception in 2006. Eighteen students have been suspended after receiving a second strike.”  In evaluating the policy “results and reviews are mixed”.
University of Mississippi Princeton Review Top Party Schools 2011-8/3/11 Reports on Princeton Review’s 2011 top party school list and provides the top ten.-----# 5.) Ole Miss
Mississippi State University Kappa Sigma violates alcohol policy-Fraternity faces reprimands for breaching MSU rush regulations-8/25/11 From MSU’s student press: “The incident occurred during a party hosted by the fraternity where potential new members were present. A student from another university was charged for possession of alcohol by a minor.”
University of Mississippi Colleges address alcohol abuse-8/16/09 Addressing a recognized issue at the University of Mississippi and other state colleges
University of Mississippi Ole Miss program among 1st to assist recovering addicts-10/26/11 “Ole Miss' recovery community joins a growing number at universities nationwide, ranging from small support groups like at Ole Miss to programs including sober housing, scholarships and academic guidance.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Mississippi Students

Bradley Jameson, 18, September 15, 2007, University of Mississippi How and why? Bradley fell from a tree while retrieving a football outside a fraternity house at 345AM.  Test showed his blood/alcohol level to be twice the legal limit for driving.
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