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University of North Carolina in the Press

University of North Carolina UNC-Chapel Hill Takes Aim At Campus Alcohol Abuse-7/21/16 “"Students are drinking significantly larger quantities of alcohol in single settings, in ways that I don't think were probably as pervasive, or certainly not recognized, even a generation of students ago"”
University of North Carolina An alcohol evolution: kegs to liquor-4/15/15 Even though she and her friends enjoyed drinking socially at fraternity houses and bars like the Shack and the Tavern, South said the alcohol culture in the late 1960s wasn’t so centered on drinking to get outrageously drunk.”
University of North Carolina On-campus drinking citations rise-11/14/14 “There were 682 citations issued in residence halls in 2013 — more than double the number of referrals DPS got from residence halls in 2012.”
University of North Carolina Column: Unhealthy masculinity and binge drinking don't mix well-11/7/14 Student view—“Unsurprisingly, fraternity parties and bars become active sites of gender performance. These locations are places where one can act out his masculinity — where one’s body becomes a “tank” that can take the bludgeons of several shots of tequila, pound back as many beers as possible and still flaunt whatever inkling of sobriety one has remaining.”
University of North Carolina Report urges UNC system to improve campus security-7/31/14 “Recommended 36 steps to respond to sexual violence, beef up law enforcement preparedness, and combat alcohol and drug abuse on the state’s public campuses.”
University of North Carolina UNC fraternity suspended in wake of death-11/27/13 “The Alpha-Alpha Chapter of Chi Phi issued a statement this week confirming that it has been suspended from campus for alleged violations including alcohol use and inappropriate activities with new initiates.”
University of North Carolina Students shouldn’t be afraid to call for help-10/9/13 Student view---“The University and drinking communities (including Greek life) should make every UNC student aware of the North Carolina 911 Good Samaritan Law,”
University of North Carolina N.C. officials target drug, alcohol abuse at UNC campuses-9/19/13 “For instance, she said, students are asked about high-risk or "binge" drinking, which is defined as having five or more drinks in a sitting. In fall 2012, 45 percent of students said yes to that question, compared to a high of 62 percent in fall 2005. "So we've seen a steady decline in that over time."”
University of North Carolina College Groups Connect to Fight Sexual Assault-3/19/13 “Activists contend that colleges fall short in educating students about sexual assault, encouraging victims to seek help, counseling survivors, reporting the frequency of such crimes, and training the people who investigate and adjudicate cases.”
University of North Carolina UNC Greek organizations continue policy of alcohol-free rush-9/1/11 “The threat of moving Greek recruitment exclusively to the spring might have passed, but fraternities and sororities will continue to abide by last year’s policy of an alcohol-free rush.”
University of North Carolina Viewpoints: Keep campuses safe from guns-3/14/11 Student article questioning the merits of guns on campuses: “Consider the levels of alcohol and drug abuse among college students. If a drunk or high student brandishes a weapon anywhere on campus, even if it is only as a joke, would the victim being armed really change anything?”
University of North Carolina Ronald E. Bogle: Campus drinking abuse needs attacking now-9/24/10 “Silence from town and university leaders is no longer an option. How many more students must be lost to alcohol by premature death, injury, damaged health or dependency, before we make a community effort to find a solution?”
University of North Carolina UNC, Greeks debate when freshmen can enter frats, sororities-9/22/10 Trustees evaluating "Whether or not we think that we're being the right stewards of our incoming freshmen by allowing them to participate in that system their first semester or should they wait till their second semester,"

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of North Carolina  Students

Courtland Benjamin Smith, August 22, 2009, University of North Carolina More Information Courtland died during a period erratic behavior when he stated that he was drunk after leaving a frat party.   Prior to his death, Courtland told a county 911 dispatcher that he was drunk, driving at a high rate of speed, had a 9 mm Glock handgun, was suicidal, and wanted police officers to stop him.  Police said they stopped Courtland just before 5 a.m.  During the traffic stop, some sort of confrontation ensued, and the officer shot and killed Smith.   Courtland’s blood alcohol level was found to be approximately .22.
David Palmer Shannon, 18, October 27, 2012, University of North Carolina More Information David  lost his life after falling from falling from machinery on which he was climbing at a concrete plant.  His blood alcohol content was measured at .22 percent.
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