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University of Notre Dame


University of Notre Dame in the Press

University of Notre Dame College Crackdown Nabs Students-Fake IDs, Underage Drinking In Crosshairs-8/29/11 “Students at Ball State, Indiana University, Indiana State and Notre Dame were ticketed for underage drinking and using fake IDs in a crackdown designed to cut down on alcohol consumption.”
University of Notre Dame Colleges work to raise awareness of policies on sexual harassment-9/6/11 “As campuses across the country fill, and students learn of the schools' regulations regarding student fees, parking restrictions and library hours, they also must be made aware of school policies regarding filing complaints of sexual harassment.”
University of Notre Dame 56 ticketed during excise enforcement-8/29/11 “Indiana Excise Police made their presence known around the Notre Dame campus over the weekend, as officers issued 56 tickets and arrested 35 people on mostly alcohol-related offenses.  Although the enforcement targeted locations near the campus, only three people who received tickets are Notre Dame students, police said.”
University of Notre Dame Notre Dame's culture of alcoholism targeted-9/3/10 “Local police have been cracking down on underage drinking by students off-campus and the students are angry.”  “We party hard, we’re college students, after all, is the feeling among Notre Dame students. You did it when you were young, why can’t we have our fun?”
University of Notre Dame Freshmen attribute underage drinking to lenient policy-9/29/99 A sophomore notes: "Notre Dame's official policies are more lenient than at other universities, they (the policies) make it easy to get alcohol and easy to party. At other schools alcohol is officially not allowed in dorm rooms."
University of Notre Dame ND participates in alcohol awareness week-10/29/13 Student article““Really, we’re promoting the fact that you can go to tailgates and not have to drink, or that you can have other things at tailgates and still have fun,””
University of Notre Dame ND reviews sexual assault policies-4/30/13 Student article—“Comments revealed two underlying trends in student concerns — a perceived double standard for student athletes in cases of sexual harassment or assault, and a perception of the system presuming the accused to be guilty as soon as the report is made.”
Indiana Colleges Proposed Bill Would Allow Guns On College Campuses-12/7/11 “"Alcohol plays a big role in people's weekends, and people using (a gun) responsibly will be an issue,"” IU Junior TL said. ----- “"Ever since the disappearance of Lauren Spierer, I've been kind of scared (for my safety)," said IU junior EJ. "To have one for protection, I think it's a good idea. It's in our Bill of Rights, so I'd say go for it."”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Notre Dame Students

Caitlin Brann, 22, November 10, 2006, University of Notre Dame How and why? Caitlin lost control of her 2000 Chevy Cavalier, which veered sideways into the median and rolled many times.a chemical test revealed she had a blood alcohol level of .249 percent. It's believed she was headed back home from school.
Elizabeth "Lizzy" Seeberg, 19, September 10, 2010, St. Mary’s College/Notre Dame (suicide after alleged sexual assault by Notre Dame football player)  How and why? Elizabeth took her life after reporting a sexual assault which did not result in action taken by Notre Dame or local authorities.  Her report relayed that the football player attacker then demanded that she drink out of a specific already-opened beer can, and soon afterwards commenced to grope her. Fortunately, the other students returned before the assault could turn into something worse, but by this time Seeberg was already badly shaken.  Although many factors contributed to Elizabeth’s sad fate, as apparent from this statement, alcohol was at the center of the events leading to the unwanted advances similar many situations where college students are at risk.
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