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Ohio State University


Ohio State University in the Press

Ohio State University Booze, books and the balance: Past and present, alcohol is a constant in Ohio State’s culture-12/31/14 “But OSU has been trying to figure out how to deal with alcohol seemingly since it opened its doors in 1870.”
Ohio State University Beer sales to expand throughout Kinnick? No chance, says UI president-6/10/16 “One year after selling alcohol to patrons in Ohio Stadium’s suite and club seats, Ohio State announced Wednesday it will sell beer throughout its spacious 104,944-seat facility this fall.”
Ohio State University Booze, books and the balance: When drinking goes too far-12/17/14 Student view--“With an undergraduate population of 44,741 students at OSU’s main campus, that statistic means more than 20,500 students could have binge drank in the last two weeks.”
Ohio State University Booze, books and the balance: Businesses, bars near campus rake in big bucks-12/14/14 “Sprinkled across a 1.2-mile stretch of the University District’s portion of High Street lie two bookstores, four banks and more than 20 bars.”
Ohio State University Booze, books and the balance: How does alcohol play into the college culture? -12/9/14 Student view---“ There are academic repercussions — every year, about 25 percent of students report receiving lower grades or other consequences because of drinking.”
Ohio State University Fewer arrests for drinking violations on campus-(9/26/14) “Students are either drinking less alcohol on campus or are doing a better job at hiding it.”
Ohio State University Ohio State University Opens New Alcohol And Drug Resource Center-8/29/14 “Ohio State Higher Education Center for the Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Misuse and Recovery will develop prevention programs that universities across the county utilize.”
Ohio State University Underage Drinking Laws on Campus-6/7/13 Student view--“Most schools are left with a choice; they can either enforce underage drinking laws on and around their campuses, or they can ignore the underage drinking that takes place in their vicinity.”
General—Ohio Universities College Students Reminded of Ohio’s Drinking Law-8/17/11 Preemptive message to hopefully mitigate a recognized concern—campus drinking excesses 


Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Ohio State University Students

Adam Boncela, July 25, 2005, Ohio State More Information Adam had a blood-alcohol content of 0.37 percent when he died on his 21st birthday
Anthony Robert Erick, 21, March 23, 2011, Ohio State University More Information Anthony lost his life after falling from The Flamingo condominium complex in Miami Beach, where s he was staying on the 15th floor.  According to friends with Eric prior to his fall, he was using illicit drugs and was drinking “lots of alcohol.”  
Andrew Polakowski, 18, September 7, 2006, Ohio State University More Information Andy  was the last of 25 of students to enter an elevator on the third floor of Stradley Hall when it began to unexpectedly descend towards the lobby with the elevator doors open. Police reports said Polakowski had been drinking before the accident but didn't appear intoxicated.
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