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University of Oklahoma


University of Oklahoma in the Press

University of Oklahoma Boren: Reinforcement needed for University of Oklahoma alcohol policy-5/10/10 “OU received 261 reports from law-enforcement agencies about OU students charged with driving under the influence. The article said that this is 53 more reports than what OU has received in any of the previous three years of the three-strikes policy. Boren said two factors contribute to the increasing number: increased enforcement of drunken driving laws both by OUPD and Norman police, and students no longer remember or don’t know about Hammontree.”
University of Oklahoma Campus Alcohol Rules Send Students To Bars-5/9/10 A freshman student “said the university's crackdown on binge and underage drinking on campus and in fraternity houses has sent students off campus.  Campus Corner, an area of restaurants, bars and shopping near campus, is popular with students on weekend nights.  OU administrators made the campus dry in January 2005 after the alcohol-poisoning death of Blake Hammontree on Sept. 30, 2004.”
University of Oklahoma Alcohol-related incidents top OUPD citations given this semester-2/23/12 Student Article—“ If a person’s behavior has been affected to the point that they are committing acts of vandalism or urinating in public as opposed to just stumbling home, it’s much more likely they will be arrested.”
University of Oklahoma COLUMN: Preventative steps needed in alcohol policy-2/5/12 Student artilcle---“Considering the statistical data, it’s difficult to argue against the need for comprehensive alcohol policies on college campuses. About 5,000 young people under the age of 21 die each year in the United States as a result of underage drinking.
University of Oklahoma OU's alcohol policy is working-11/21/13 Student view---“Research from the University of Kentucky indicates that a dry campus policy does little to decrease total alcohol consumption by students. However, it does suggest it dismantles large on-campus gatherings where alcohol is consumed. Illegal alcohol consumption on dry campuses is primarily done in dormitories in small groups.”
University of Oklahoma Three fraternities violate Student Alcohol Policy, get strikes-11/12/13 On a compliance check---““We all lock ourselves in the rooms and we can’t talk; we can’t say anything,” she said. “But there’s always stupid drunk girls yelling and screaming ‘shut up!’ When it’s done, they’re like, ‘it’s good,’ and everyone comes out and starts partying again. The end.””
University of Oklahoma Drop the OU alcohol policy-9/13/13 Student view---“ The alcohol policy is strict, but there will always be a handful of students who will ignore it or work around the system. We’re college students. Do you really think everyone will adhere to these rules? The majority of our editorial board agrees our campus should not be a dry campus—it’s an ineffective system.”
University of Oklahoma Greek response to alcohol-9/17/13 “I think the endless cat-and-mouse game that has been the alcohol policy and greek system’s relationship these last several years has bred safer fraternity houses. It has forced innovation on the part of the leadership in those houses — kids who are so determined to drink freely that they construct elaborate plans of action in anticipation of an alcohol check.”
University of Oklahoma OU works to keep students safe-8/26/13 “On August 23, OU held a mandatory alcohol class that freshmen were required to attend. At the session, students were taught what the scientific limits are for drinking based on one’s weight.”
Oklahoma University OU alcohol policy is unfair to the greek community4/16/13 Student view: “OU’s alcohol policy is unfair to greek organizations. The policy explicitly bans alcohol in greek houses but does not explicitly ban alcohol in other campus areas.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Oklahoma Students

Blake Adam Hammontree, 19, September 30, 2004, University of Oklahoma More Information He was found dead Thursday morning in the residential area of the Sigma Chi fraternity house. Since Hammontree's death, OU President David Boren has said all social activities at the fraternity house would cease and that a supervisor will be placed in the house to assure compliance. Hammontree's death is the third confirmed alcohol-related death at U.S. colleges this fall.
Julia Kathryn Gilbert, January 16, 2010, University of Oklahoma More Information After being missing for 2 days, Julia was found in her overturned car. Julia had been at a BCS National Championship watch party at a friend’s house. The State Medical Examiner determined that Julia had  ethyl alcohol concentrations of 0.14 percent in her liver and 0.24 percent in her brain.
Casey Cooke, 22, June 4, 2012, University of Oklahoma More Information Casey lost her life when she slipped on a fire escape while climbing to the roof of a campus administrative building.   Her blood/alcohol level was measured to be .19.
Brett Finbloom, 18, August 5, 2012, University of Oklahoma More Information Brett lost his life as result of alcohol poisoning.  In the aftermath, Brett’s mother became active in promoting the use of the medical emergency amnesty in Indiana when necessary
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