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Oregon State University  


Oregon State University  in the Press

Oregon State University OSU to use athletes in program aimed at reducing high-risk drinking-5/25/16 “After analyzing more than 6,000 students from three different universities, lead researcher Suzanne C. Swan found that 462 students, or 7.8 percent, said they had been drugged with Rohypnol, Xanax, or an unknown drug without their consent.”
Oregon State University Oregon State to offer separate dorm for students recovering from drug, alcohol addiction-6/1/16 “OSU is converting the Dixon Lodge, a former student co-op living center, into the new dorm, which it is calling The Recovery and Learning Community.”
Oregon State University Searching for solutions-12/14/14 ““Students need to recognize that they are part of a wider community, and Greek Life does as well. We also need to fight the party stereotype in our organizations by living the values we joined for over what the media portrays us as.“
Oregon State University OSU freshmen required to take classes on alcohol, sexual assault prevention-9/26/14 ““It's a culture shift for us because it clearly says that high risk alcohol use is not apart of our values here, and sexual violence is something that were going to stop.””

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Oregon State University Students

Lance Strickland, 18. September 3, 2005, Oregon State University                        How and why? High school student visiting Oregon University, died of alcohol poisoning while drinking with football players
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