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University of Pennsylvania


University of Pennsylvania in the Press

University of Pennsylvania Keeping students safe on Penn's campus-12/1/14 “Administrators from athletics, student life, and the office of fraternities and sororities would begin accompanying Penn police to get a firsthand look at the party scene so they could better be a part of the solution.”
University of Pennsylvania Liquor police: 'Our presence was requested'-4/9/14 “Penn requested that the BLCE meet with students from the Greek “problem houses” — a group of about 12 houses affiliated with on- and off-campus fraternities on DPS’s radar.”
University of Pennsylvania FERPA permits parental notification policy-2/26/14 “A little-known University policy, which was cited in a recent campus study, states that if a student is hospitalized twice for alcohol or other drug use, the student’s parents can be contacted.”
University of Pennsylvania University to hire alcohol and safety educator-2/18/14 “39% of undergraduates report that they use alcohol or other recreational drugs to combat stress”
University of Pennsylvania A core objective of the pilot is leveling the playing field between Greek and non-Greek organizations-11/18/13 “Because the pilot allows registered events with more than 150 attendees to serve beer and wine only, it has been difficult for some Greek chapters that frequently register larger parties to serve mixed drinks at their events.”
University of Pennsylvania Pa. colleges move to curb student drinking-9/19/13 “And at the University of Pennsylvania, a task force staffed by a variety of university officials is working on a yearlong evaluation of the school's alcohol and safety policies.”
University of Pennsylvania Ivies tighten alcohol policies-1/24/13 “Administrators and students said they have noticed a shift away from direct disciplinary approaches toward more creative educational programs, but students at four schools said the recent policies have targeted alcohol usage at the expense of Greek life.”
University of Pennsylvania Penn student leaders guilty of hazing-1/29/11 “The student leadership organization was found to have served alcohol to minors, and to have engaged activities like a blindfolded scavenger hunt that violated campus Antihazing policy.”
Pennsylvania Colleges Pa. Senate looks at alcohol issues in college towns, including West Chester-9/14/10 "The more crucial and realistic legislation here is the legislation that will control the behavior of intoxicated students," he said. "We have a problem in our community of serious misbehavior by students when they are intoxicated, and I am fully in favor of holding those students accountable for their actions."

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Pennsylvania  Students

Matt Crozier, 20, January 5, 2011, University of Pennsylvania How and why? Matt lost his life after falling 30 feet between floors at a New Year's Eve party inside a University o Pennsylvania fraternity house.  Matt, a student of John Carroll University, was visiting a friend.  Alcohol was found in the house the night of Matt's death, despite the fraternity's self-promotion as a dry chapter.


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