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Rice University

Rice Universtiy Students must respect alcohol policy at NOD-10/22/14 “Following the 2012 Night of Decadence, during which 11 students were hospitalized, as well as other similar instances of unsafe behavior, Rice instituted a new alcohol policy.”
Rice University Alcohol: Probation announced   Alcohol policy probation a necessary intervention-2/25/11 Prohibition announcement and serious student editorial addressing enforcement:  “There was the discussion all around campus - all addressing the issue of massive alcohol abuse around campus over the past year. Ignoring all of these endeavors, the student body has continued to consume alcohol with a total lack of responsibility; the recent abuse of alcohol has justifiably forced the university leadership to shift from idle threats to concrete action. The alcohol policy probation will cause a sweeping change to the party scene of campus; punch, a common staple of private parties will no longer be a legal choice of beverage.”
Rice University Rice University alcohol policy review: spring 2011-1/21/11 Student message to administration, in part: “Work hard, play hard. That's what you told me this place was about when I was a senior in high school, and up to now, you've kept your promise. Rice has arguably the best academic-party balance in the country. The prestigious degree at the end of the four years means as much as the incredible four years we spent earning that degree. Coming from Rice, we are smarter and have more fun than our peers at other universities. That's what makes Rice special.”

Rice University in the Press

Texas Colleges & Universities Another crazy decision: Allowing handguns on campus-5/12/11 “Now parents who send their kids to Texas colleges and universities can worry about their kids getting shot by friendly fire at alcohol-fueled parties. Guns and alcohol don't mix well, whether it's at the bar down the street or the most elite college campus in Texas.”

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Federal Law addressing campus drinking

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