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Temple University


Temple University in the Press

Temple University As Temple ramps up off-campus policing, one community leader sees many concerns to be addressed-4/6/16 Temple announces that it “will get tough on students with new measures to strengthen enforcement of alcohol policies and increase monitoring of student behavior in the neighborhoods surrounding its North Philadelphia campus.”
Temple University A campaign to ‘drink smart’-4/12/16 “. He decided to start what he calls a “Drink Smart” campaign by handing out free bottles of water to students at times throughout the year when high rates of binge drinking typically occur on college campuses. The campaign is aimed at helping students to drink responsibly and to avoid alcohol poisoning and other risks of binge drinking.”
Temple University Student's death highlights drunker side of Temple's Spring Fling-4/19/13 “Abandoned plastic cups dotted its sparse lawns and a cracked Keystone Light cup leaned against Carver High School's fence. A lonely, half-full cup of beer sat forgotten on a windowsill on 17th Street, next to a trash can full of bottles.”
Temple University Pulling the plug on college bashes doesn't address root causes of alcohol abuse-10/11/13 High School Student View—“ Underage drinking, crude behavior, and illegal activities as a result of alcohol being present are wrong. And university officials are right to be concerned about student safety. But they are offenses that should be handled individually.”
Temple University Pa. colleges move to curb student drinking-9/19/13 “Temple University canceled its annual Spring Fling, a decades-old event originally designed to unite what was once a commuter school.”
Temple University Temple University cancels Spring Fling event due to 'high-risk' drinking after freshman student, 19, plunged to her death from rooftop-8/27/13 “Temple University in Philadelphia has canceled its annual Spring Fling after 'high-risk' drinking at the event caused serious concerns. The college sent an email to all students on Monday. The decision also came after a 19-year-old student fell 40 feet to her death from an off-campus, rooftop party during Spring Fling in April.”
Temple University Temple University May Modify Future ‘Spring Flings’ After Off-Campus Death-4/26/13 “Spring Fling was conceived as a celebration of spring, with performances, fun and games, and non-alcoholic events.  However, off campus has been another story.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Temple University Students

Ciara DePrill, February 4, 2006, Temple University How and why? Ciara was killed early on a Friday morning after the car she was riding in hit a concrete barrier on the Ben Franklin Bridge, police said.The driver, also a Temple student, was charged with driving under the influence, homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter.
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