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University of Texas We must acknowledge alcoholism on college campuses-3/28/16 Student view---“ We all have a drunken story or two (or twelve). Waking up disoriented the morning after a crazy night on Sixth Street is common for University of Texas students. It’s also common for these incidents to be written off as harmless fun.”
University of Texas UTPD responds to freshman alcohol consumption during orientation sessions-6/26/16 “According to the New Student Services website, students who violate these rules will not be able to register for classes and will be required to meet with an orientation staff member.”
Texas campuses Campus Carry's Unstable Chemistry-8/1/16 “more than a third of college students are binge drinkers. As of Monday, if they are properly licensed, they can legally carry concealed, loaded firearms on campus.”
Texas Universities Campus Carry And Keg Parties: Lethal Combination In Texas-6/2/15 “"Acute and chronic alcohol misuse is positively associated with firearm ownership, risk behaviors involving firearms, and risk for perpetrating both interpersonal and self-directed firearm violence.””
University of Texas Alcohol and college really don't mix-8/31/11 “Two University of Texas sorority pledges who were found passed out in their dormitories in the wee hours before the first classes last week were lucky they could be treated for alcohol poisoning and weren't worse off.”
University of . Texas Editorial: Targeting binge drinking-8/4/10 “However, (UT) does have a compelling interest to stop binge drinking among its students. When a student dies from alcohol poisoning, the headlines do not describe him or her as a “20-year-old” or an “Austinite,” but as a U. Texas student. More importantly, though, binge drinking and the social pressures surrounding it create an unsafe atmosphere. Binge drinking isn’t the same as having a few drinks with friends, or even going downtown and getting drunk. Rather, binge drinking is the willful overconsumption of alcohol.”
University of Texas Binge drinking hits UT students-8/27/10 Student and campus police accounts of alcohol use and UT measure to mitigage problem.
University of Texas Princeton Review Top Party Schools 2011-8/3/11 Reports on Princeton Review’s 2011 top party school list and provides the top ten.-----# 6.) University of Texas
University of Texas Texas Students Should Learn From Recent Fraternity Hazing Death-9/12/11 UT “student Phanta "Jack" Phoummarath was 19 years old when he died from acute alcohol poisoning. As part of an initiation ceremony for Lambda Phi Epsilon, Jack and his six pledge brothers were required to chug a handle of Bacardi rum while more than 30 fraternity brothers chanted along.”
University of Texas Study: AlcoholEdu provides students with short-term insight-9/6/11 ” The “college effect” is the universal assumption that all incoming freshmen will inevitably be confronted with alcohol in college and will make poor decisions because of a lack of an immediate support system. Prince said that the so-called “college effect” is something that universities across the country are attempting to overcome, particularly with the help of AlcoholEdu.”
University of Texas University reacts to death of student killed by bus-4/26/12 “UTPD Officer Darrell Halstead said all too often UT students have a laid-back attitude towards alcohol consumption. He said alcohol consumption can be a slippery slope that can lead to excessive and dangerous drinking.”
University of Texas Throwback Thursday: Student drinking can be treated as a tribal ritual- ““One scene involved a crowd peer-pressuring a pledge into downing a beer-bong and a frat boy passing out after slamming three cans, leading to a discussion of hazing and medical emergencies at parties,” “
Texas Colleges & Universities Another crazy decision: Allowing handguns on campus-5/12/11 “Now parents who send their kids to Texas colleges and universities can worry about their kids getting shot by friendly fire at alcohol-fueled parties. Guns and alcohol don't mix well, whether it's at the bar down the street or the most elite college campus in Texas.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Texas  Students

Tyler Cross, November 17, 2006, University of Texas How and why? Cross fell from a fifth floor balcony.  He had a blood alcohol content of .19.  Cross was the third student to die in West Campus in an alcohol-related death in little more than a year’s time. Cross was a pledge in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and a member of the UT Lacrosse Club
Phanta "Jack" Phoummarath, December 10, 2005, University of Texas                         How and why? He was found dead in the Lambda Phi Epsilon house on Dec. 10, 2005. Phoummarath died with a blood alcohol content of .41.
Maximiliano Rodriguez, 21, February 28, 2010, University of Texas How and why? Maximiliano was at a party in a campus apartment on the fifth floor when he accidentally fell from a balcony.  Test showed that he had a blood alcohol level of more than three times the legal limit when he fell.
Andy Wang, 22, April 20, 2012, University of Texas How and Why? Andy lost his life when he fell under a moving bus a he was attempting to board.  Witnesses reported that Andy was intoxicated to the extent that he needed to be supported while walking.
Kaat Debeuckelaer, 21, January 4, 2012, University of Texas More Information Kaat lost her life in a high-speed car accident which also killed her boyfriend, a 23-year-old UT alumnus, and the driver, a 41-year-old lawyer.  The couple met the lawyer at a bar and left with him in his Porsche. Tests showed blood/alcohol levels of .17 for the attorney driver, .19 for her boyfriend, and .25 for Kaat. 
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