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Texas Christian University in the Press

Texas Christian University Fines for alcohol violation fines lowered-8/25/16 “TCU has lowered fines for alcohol violations this school year in an effort to encourage students, rather than parents, to pay.”
Texas Christian University TCU attempts to change weekend party culture-10/3/14 “Students returned to campus this fall to find a revised alcohol policy that now limits them to a total of three alcohol violations during their time at TCU.”
Texas Christian University Students differ in opinion regarding drinking-9/9/13 “The first weeks of school are a very important time at any university, so it is not unusual to find an increase of alcohol-related incidents.”
Texas Christian University TCU Kicks Off Spring Break With VITALS-3/16/12 "At TCU, we decided that we would not take the conventional approach and ask students to stop drinking," said Amiso George, associate professor of strategic communication, who provides guidance to TCU VITALS. "Instead, we developed a campaign to educate them to recognize the symptoms of alcohol poisoning and get help."
Texas Christian University As TCU Case Focuses Attention on Drugs on Campus, Don't Forget About Booze-2/17/12 “Drugs on campus are a serious issue, well worth scrutiny. I just hope at some point in all that scrutinizing, people find their way to the big one.  Booze”.
Texas Christian University Expert: TCU bust sign of increased pot problem-2/16/12 “The arrests of four football players among 15 TCU students and four former students on suspicion of selling marijuana is symbolic of an increasing pot problem in college athletics.”
Texas Christian University Texas Students Should Learn From Recent Fraternity Hazing Death-9/12/11  “Because the sophomore and his buddies downed copious amounts of alcohol, the details are fuzzy but the outcome is clear. The next morning the young man woke up with an unbearable amount of pain on his backside. He discovered that his rear-end had been mutilated, seared with an undistinguishable mess of shapes left by a scalding hot coat hanger.”
Texas Christian University Alcohol and college really don't mix-8/31/10 TCU “allows alcohol at certain approved events and lets students 21 and older have liquor in their dorm rooms if they don't take it elsewhere or give it to anyone younger.”
Texas Christian University Campusalcoholviolationsincrease70percent-1/24/09 Reports concern over increased violations and apparent greater use of alcohol
Texas Christian University Campus alcohol violations increase 70 percent-1/24/09 Reports concern over increased violations and apparent greater use of alcohol

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