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Tufts University Students hold buy-out of Hotung’s alcohol mini-fridge-1/28/14 “The idea for an on-campus bar was well received among 85 percent of Tufts students in the Senate’s fall survey.”
Tufts Universtiy ‘We Are Tufts’ campaign aims to dispel myths about drinking-10/10/13 Student view-“ The campaign posters around campus tote statistics that 93 percent of students do not let alcohol affect their academics, as well as that the majority of Tufts students limit their alcohol intake or choose not to drink.”
Tuffs University Let’s keep our student events-9/21/11 Student view:  “Tufts, like every other college campus it seems, has an alcohol problem. And it's embarrassing. And it's starting to limit our student activities. And that's a shame.”   “I watched part of Fall Ball from my porch instead of attending, and saw the steady stream of ambulances shuttling students to Lawrence Memorial Hospital. As it turned out, 12 students were transported. It is quite telling that the ambulances arrive before the students. Tufts has to hire ambulances in anticipation of need. Is that not sad? As in past years, we are lucky that no one died.”   “We've gotten a lot better at calling Tufts Emergency Medical Services for our friends when they need help — and I thank all those who volunteer their time to answer those calls — but why not intervene one step earlier? Wouldn't it just be easier, a lot less stressful and a lot less messy just to discourage those extra vodka shots in the first place?”
Tufts University Presidential sobriety check-Alarmed at rampant binge drinking among students, leader of Tufts settles on a very personal response-6/10/11 “Just one month into the school year, the student became the 16th Tufts undergraduate to be taken to the hospital for excessive drinking. By June, 60 students would be hospitalized.”
Tufts University Colleges Fling Spring Parties -3/23/11 Tufts Connecticut among others are cancelling parties where alcohol abuse and other undesired behaviors occur.
Tufts University At Tufts, No More Drinking and Running Naked on the Quad-3/14/11 End of wintertime campus tradition citing “litany of injuries and health concerns—from sprains to broken bones to alcohol-poisoning emergencies—as well as the refusal of local police departments to provide security.”
Tufts University Bacow ends Naked Quad Run-3/14/11 Student article on end of wintertime campus tradition.  “Formal recognition of the run has had limited success in diminishing alcohol consumption from the event's function. This year, two students were hospitalized with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of greater than 0.3, according to Bacow.”
Tuffs University Tufts President Lawrence Bacow Calls For Face-Time With Alcohol Offenders -6/7/10 “Every Monday, Bacow surveys university police reports and sends students with reported alcohol-related infractions a "terse" e-mail telling them to contact his assistant to schedule an appointment. His initiative stems from an incident during his time at MIT, when a student died after a night of binge drinking. "I remember meeting with his parents, I remember meeting with his friends who were drinking with him on the night that he consumed to excess, and it's not an experience I want to go through again,"”
Tuffs University Administrators to change the university's alcohol policy-5/23/10 Summarizes the nearly completed process involving Tuffs’ administration and students.
Tuffs University Tufts enforcing BYOB policy at fraternities-11/5/09 “Designed to reduce the university’s liability for alcohol-related incidents, the policy has seldom been enforced at most Greek houses, and, when discussed, it has often raised concerns among students.”
Massachusetts Colleges Alcohol policy enforcement and changes in student drinking rates in a statewide public college system: a follow-up study-8/10/10 Study results of 11 Massachussettes colleges—“ Our study findings suggest that an aggressive enforcement stance by deans, and other such college leaders, may be an important element of an effective college alcohol policy and be associated with reductions in student high-risk drinking rates over time, perhaps through reduced uptake of heavy drinking in college.”
Boston colleges Colleges take sensible steps to combat binge-drinking “Boston officials, meanwhile, are targeting bars and liquor stores that sell alcohol to underage students.”

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