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University of Virginia in the Press

University of Virginia UVa has new frat, sorority rules after alleged-rape story-1/7/15 “Other rules call for at least three sober fraternity brothers to monitor alcohol distribution and the stairways to residential rooms at each party. At large parties, a hired security guard must monitor entrances, keeping out anyone not on a printed guest list.”
University of Virginia At U-Va., Block Party continues despite administration’s warnings-8/21/16 “Block Party — the off-campus, unsanctioned bash that is the unofficial start to the school year for many students — was alive and well this past weekend, despite U-Va. administration efforts to discourage freshmen and athletes from attending.”
University of Virginia U.Va. Looks At Ways To Curb Drinking At Its Frat Houses-12/11/14 “A fourth-year student, wants to designate frat brothers to stay sober and self-police during parties.”
University of Virginia Class Struggle: Time to Address Binge Drinking on Campus-12/8/14 “It will be difficult to do. The obvious solutions, like bans and random searches of university-owned residences, might not work. But University of Virginia has to resolve to get tough before anything happens that leads to an answer.”
University of Virginia U.Va. Looks at Alcohol as Factor in Sex Assaults-11/25/14 “A University of Virginia board on Tuesday honed in on alcohol as a contributing factor in sexual assaults on campus, with one member calling for more aggressively enforcing the law banning underage drinking.”
University of Virginia Amid Partying at UVa, a Painful Note of Caution Intrudes-10/7/14 “The university’s SafeRide system, which offers free lifts to nonintoxicated students traveling alone, doesn’t start its Saturday-morning rounds until 2:30 a.m. Closing that gap in safe transportation is on the Student Council’s agenda.”
University of Virginia Mixology Classes, Cash, and Other Creative Ways Colleges Combat Binge-Drinking-3/28/14 “The University of Virginia started a “Savvy Fox” program for their annual Spring Foxfield Races, a boozy horse-racing event.”
University of Virginia Appeals Court Allows Alcohol Ads in Virginia College Newspapers-9/25/13 “A federal appeals court has ruled that student newspapers at Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia can publish advertisements for alcohol despite a regulation banning such ads that the state says is meant to curb underage drinking.”
University of Virginia Kappa Alpha chapter at UVa suspended-4/13/13 “Colorable reports of hazing and misconduct," including excessive alcohol consumption and "other behavior that threatens the health, safety and well-being of ... students."
University of Virginia College hazing rituals come under new fire after death of FAMU marching band student-12/9/11 “A police investigation that was launched into a possible hazing incident at the University of Virginia after a student was rushed to the hospital after he was forced to eat a mixture of dog food, matzo balls, gefilte fish and soy sauce in one sitting.”
University of Virginia Sharon Love's lawsuit raises questions about coaches' responsibilities Sharon Love's lawsuit raises questions about coaches' responsibilities-5/24/12 Basis of law suit----“. It claims they failed in their duty to protect Love from Huguely, who had a history of alcohol abuse and violence toward her and others.”
University of Virginia UVa. coach, officials sued over Yeardley Love's death-5/3/12 “Sharon Love has sued the University of Virginia men's lacrosse coach and other athletic officials for negligence in the 2010 death of her daughter, Yeardley, saying they ignored previous violent, drunken behavior by the player who was ultimately convicted of murdering her.”
University of Virginia Huguely's violence: UVA victim wants emphasis off alcohol-3/2/12 Re: Case involving rape 21 years ago---“"It's interesting that those very attorneys who defended both William Beebe and George Huguely used alcohol as the reason why their clients should be treated with mercy," says Seccuro, noting that in both cases alcohol wasn't employed merely to defend but to also go on the attack.  "Did I drink the night I was assaulted?" says [the victim]. "Yes. Did Yeardley Love drink the night she was murdered? Yes. I fail to see how that somehow would have exonerated a rapist and now, a murderer."”
University of Virginia Parent notification policies for underage drinking evolve-2/23/13 “At the University of Virginia, students are usually given about 48 hours to call their parents before school officials do. The calls are made in the most serious cases, such as an arrest or hospitalization, or if a student shows an ongoing pattern of intoxication.”
University of Virginia On U.Va. campus, Huguely trial a sobering moment-Students see lessons, changes in the aftermath of Love's murder-2/23/12 "”I think people in college get swept up in the whole college atmosphere," ….. said, "I talked to one friend, she actually ended up in the emergency room after a night of drinking. She kept falling and hitting her head and got a concussion."”
University of Virginia University Community Moved From Mourning to Action in Wake of Student's Death-2/3/12 “It has trained more than 1,500 students, faculty and staff to combat what students dubbed the "bystander effect," which "results in the acceptance of disrespectful behavior among peers, including but not limited to acts of bias, derogatory comments, drug and alcohol abuse and violence," according to the organization's mission.”
University of Virginia The tragedy of George Huguely---2/22/12 “University of Virginia’s substance abuse prevention center notes that 71 percent of U-Va. students drink on a typical Saturday night, with 20 percent consuming more than 6 standard drinks and 18 percent consuming four to five.”  “But this should not happen at college.  It’s an adult tragedy with adult consequences. Where were the adults?”
University of Virginia Huguely trial highlights alcohol abuse at colleges, universities-2/18/12 “But trial testimony over the past two weeks from witnesses, most of them former U.Va. students, has repeatedly shown that Huguely, now 24, was part of a college culture where some young people drink before working on papers, "pregame" before going to bars and drink to get drunk almost every time.”
University of Virginia George Huguely Trial: Excessive Alcohol Consumption a Recurring Issue-2/11/12 “Multiple friends and teammates of Huguely's said they had grown worried about amount of alcohol the star lacrosse player was drinking. One friend said that Huguely would drink four times a week, getting drunk each time.”
University of Virginia Colleges warn more students abusing stimulants-11/27/11 “In the past decade, University of Virginia students have made about 16,000 visits to the emergency room. Only a handful of those visits involved stimulants.”
University of Virginia Sexual assault cases on VA campuses rarely result in criminal prosecution-11/15/11 Student article----“ The study revealed that victims rarely pressed charges and if they did it was very hard to prove their allegations because of a lack of evidence.  “I’ve been in this office for more than 20 years and can count the number of criminal charges that were filed against U.Va. students for sexual assault on two hands,”’ “Prosecution becomes particularly difficult when alcohol is involved.”
University of Virginia Special Report Day 1: Arrests, convictions rare in Va. college sex assault cases-11/13/11 “The analysis of seven schools in Virginia found that campus police investigated 62 reported sex crimes during calendar years 2008, 2009 and 2010, with just seven cases resulting in arrests and four in convictions. Remarkably, none of the convictions involved a student-on-student attack, the most common type of campus sexual assault.”” “The reported assaults are often clouded by alcohol, which had been consumed by the victim, the alleged assailant or both in at least 40 percent of the cases.” “If alcohol is involved and the assault occurs in a party atmosphere, the victim may begin to question herself and even receive criticism from friends.”
University of Virginia Alcohol, drug charges rare for college students-2/26/11 Survey of DC area schools demonstrates that “students who break drug and alcohol laws are "fully aware that, for the most part, nothing is going to happen to them,"
University of Virginia String of assaults rattle U.Va. campus-10/13/10 Relays a series of troubling incidents
University of Virginia Student safety concerns U.Va. president-9/30/10 “A student e-mailed University of Virginia President Teresa A. Sullivan last week saying she and her sorority sisters didn't feel safe walking home after the bars closed at 2 a.m. She'll look into it, Sullivan said she told the student, but added some advice: "Not to sound like your mother or anything, but I don't think you should be walking alone at that time in the morning no matter how safe you feel," she said.”
University of Virginia Which Campus Has The Highest Crime Rate?-5/27/10 Crime statistics compared for DC area colleges.
University of Virginia A History of Violence: Not Huguely, But the University of Virginia-5/27/10 Authored by a past victim of campus rape: “So much has been made about this being a lacrosse issue, a rich white kid issue, an alcohol issue, an entitlement issue. While there may be a bit of truth there, to me, it's a University of Virginia issue. Because of the work I have done on behalf of campus survivors of crime, I know that Mr. Jefferson's Academical Village has a bigger problem than most campuses.”
University of Virginia Death highlights need for alcohol awareness-5/23/10 Yeardley Love’s tragic end brings alcohol as well as other issues to people’s attention.
University of Virginia Schools trying to prevent and respond to sexual violence-5/23/10 Article covers various approaches to and causes of sexual violence in addition to: "Our findings call into question the assertions of some advocates who claim that lowering the drinking age to 18 would be a useful strategy for reducing harm associated with alcohol consumption,"
University of Virginia Holly Herman: Alcohol fuels violence in college towns-5/20/10 Recounts various incidents of alcohol fueled violence involving college students including at Virginia
University of Virginia COLLEGE BING DRINKING-College Binge Drinking & Hazing: An Emerging Epidemic -1/19/10 “Leslie Baltz, a senior at the University of Virginia, fell down a flight of stairs after drinking too much and died.”
University of Virginia Most College Alcohol Arrests at VT-11/16/09 “Police charged Virginia Tech students with nearly three times as many on-campus alcohol-related crimes compared to other universities in 2008.”  “Virginia Tech reported 219 liquor law arrests, while JMU reported 87 and the University of Virginia reported 80. In addition, 598 alcohol violations were referred for disciplinary action at Tech, 573 at JMU and 16 at U.Va”
Virginia Colleges Appeals Court Allows Alcohol Ads in Virginia College Newspapers-9/25/13 “A federal appeals court has ruled that student newspapers at Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia can publish advertisements for alcohol despite a regulation banning such ads that the state says is meant to curb underage drinking.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Virginia Students

Thomas Lee Dillon, III, May 25, 2005, University of Virginia (non student partying with student friends) More Information In October 2004 one of the UVA students, who had been one of his best friends  since grade school moved in with Lee temporarily.  On Memorial day, he and his friend Brad went to a private party at a fellow student's home.  The house was very secluded with acreage and included UVA students and young people from the area.  They had an ice luge and apparently, dares for who could drink the most from the luge.  Both boys were drinking.  Lee feel asleep and never woke up.
Matthew Pearlstone, March 17, 2006, Cornell University (while visiting University of Virginia) More Information Died of alcohol poisoning in a Univ. of Virginia resident hall while visiting a friend while on spring break.
Yeardley Love, May 3, 2010, University of Virginia More Information Yeardley lost her life after being assaulted by a male student while apparently rejecting advances to continue a prior relationship.   The assailant had a history of violence associated with excessive use of alcohol.   Widely this widely publicized tragedy, the University and area and national media scrutinized the often deadly consequences of acquiescing to the excessive use of alcohol on many college campuses.   


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