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Washington State University


Washington State University in the Press

Washington State University After a night of partying, a terrifying fall-10/21/11 Story of intoxicated student who fortunately survived but was seriously injured in a fall.  “Each year, hundreds of WSU students are rushed to Pullman Regional Hospital for an alcohol-related trauma or detox after a night of partying. In the past five years, hospital officials say they have seen a rise in the blood-alcohol level of patients to an average of 0.33”
Washington State University Editorial: WSU and alcohol — ‘Cougs looking out for Cougs’-8/18/13 “The mix of changes is full of insights about campus life and student behavior. More alcohol-free floors will be added to residence halls; parents will be notified the first time an underage student violates campus alcohol policies, and professors will be asked to provide more Friday morning classes. No more three-day booze-sodden weekends.”
Washington State University WSU has new policies to curb binge drinking-8/12/13 “But there is also a new requirement that the university contact the parents of any student under 21 the first time they violate the school's rules against underage drinking. “ …and more
Washington State University University task forces combat drug and alcohol abuse-6/12/13 “We’re really looking at heightening the concept of Cougs looking out for Cougs.”
Washington State University Shouldn’t Guy At Till Do Something?-9/11/13 “Selling booze in a college town may not be a license to print money, but it's close. Yet, the people actually profiting from the merchandising of liquor, beer and wine to college students seem to have little to say about the series of alcohol-related mishaps that have killed or maimed Washington State University and University of Idaho students.”
Washington State University Washington State University task force close to issuing plan to reduce alcohol abuse-3/21/13 “Emergency room workers at Pullman Regional Hospital treat an average of 200 students each year for alcohol poisoning and alcohol-related injuries.”


Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving Washington State University Students

Stuart John Robertson, 21, May 2, 2009, Washington State University More Information Stuart was found on the side of a highway.  Witnesses were with Stuart at a party where alcohol was consumed.   Stuart was seen leaving the party around midnight.  Police believe that Stuart walked near an area of cliffs and apparently fell about 40 feet to his death.
Kenneth Hummel, 18, October 27, 2012, Washington State University  More Information Kenneth was found unresponsive in a dorm where he was visiting, a victim of alcohol poisoning. Kenneth’s blood alcohol level was tested at 0.40.
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