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West Virginia University in the Press

West Virginia University WVU students owning up to behavior issues-12/9/14 “During the discussion, students put everything on the table to be modified in an effort to begin address how to remedy the problem.”
West Virginia University WVU to host forum on ‘excessive drinking, reckless behavior’ among Greeks-12/3/14 ““This is just the beginning of a discussion to address some serious issues that are affecting college campuses across America and to implement a culture change at WVU.””
West Virginia University Gee seeks culture change after freshman’s drinking-related death-11/21/14 Indeed, it is a culture that needs to be changed at nearly every institution of higher education across this country. So, how do we go about changing a culture in which the participation of a small percentage affects the whole?”
West Virginia University West Virginia University fraternity death: How to stop 'Animal House' behavior-11/15/14 “As reports of such incidents increase, some fraternities have formed an organization to address problems of sexual misconduct, binge drinking, and hazing.”
West Virginia University WVU student VP resigns following DUI charge-9/12/11 Student body VP who “started a program for responsible drinking and ran her campaign on a safety platform, resigned Monday after she was arrested this month for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.”
University of West Virginia Rutgers considers selling beer at 2012 home football games, following lead of WVU, rest of Big East-8/10/11 “Some 36 Division I schools are currently selling alcohol in some capacity. Included are seven of the eight schools in the Big East.  When West Virginia made a decision in June to sell beer in two general concession areas at Mountaineer Field, it left Rutgers as the lone holdout in the conference.”
West Virginia University WVU fans and their best friend alcohol-6/6/11 “It’s no secret that West Virginia University is synonymous with partying. Whether it be a fraternity party on campus or tailgating at a Mountaineer football game, a good time is never hard to find.  And after what happened last Friday, it will be even easier to find.  WVU’s board of governors approved a policy that will now allow the sale of alcoholic beverages at football games.”
West Virginia University Princeton Review Top Party Schools 2011-8/3/11 Reports on Princeton Review’s 2011 top party school list and provides the top ten.-----# 4.) West Virginia
West Virginia University UO ranks high for student drug, alcohol use-6/4/11 Based on government data, West Virginia University and other schools rank high in number of alcohol violations.   Is this evidence of higher illegal and high risk drinking on these campuses or a more diligent effort to control the activities and risk?----- Source: Federal Department of Education 2009 data
West Virginia University Dept. of Community Medicine promotes alcohol safety-1/30/11 “"We want people to think about their actions over the break," she said. "Sadly, every year you hear stories about students, alcohol and destructive decisions that result in death or injury."”
West Virginia University Editorial: Mountie Ride needs to finalize its plans-12/5/10 “Students have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mountie Ride.  Dedicated to ensuring intoxicated Mountaineers make it to and from their destinations safely, Mountie Ride has again postponed the launch of its taxi-style ride system until next semester.  Being that WVU has a very lively party scene, Mountie Ride's concept was highly received by the campus community, especially after the tragic alcohol-related death of WVU student Sean Rascoe last spring.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving West Virginia University Students

Delores Decker, 59, April 28, 2009, (Non-student died in an accident caused by an intoxicated West Virginia University student)  How and why? A vehicle driven by an intoxicated West Virginia University student crossed the center line and struck the vehicle driven by Mrs. Decker, who lost her life in the crash.  The student’s blood/alcohol level was .351.
Sean Kyrie Rascoe, 20,  February 27, 2010, West Virginia University How and why? After leaving a bar with three friends, the students went to their vehicle parked in a campus garage.  The three others started to leave in the car and Sean apparently jumped onto the rear bumper and fell onto his head, fatally injured.  .  The driver of the car was charged with driving under the influence.
Jeremy Stoltzfus, 22, January 8, 2010, West Virginia University How and why? Jeremy lost his life when he fell backwards and struck his head on the street after leaving a party after attending the Gator Bowl in Florida.   Police reported that he was extremely intoxicated when he fell.
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