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College of William and Mary in the Press

College of William and Mary Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report details latest crime statistics-10/17/14 “However, across the report, the most dramatic statistic is liquor law violations, which jumped to 441 in 2013, up from 266 in 2012.”
College of William and Mary College wins award for promoting healthy alcohol consumption-8/9/13 “TIPS is designed to train event hosts to keep their guests safe while consuming alcohol.”
College of William and Mary Student mortality study released-11/14/11 Student article---” The study showed that on an observed annual basis, 3.37 students die in alcohol-related vehicular accidents out of every 100,000 students. Suicide, with a rate of 6.18 deaths out of every 100,000 students, topped the list of most common causes of college student deaths.”
College of William and Mary Special Report Day 1: Arrests, convictions rare in Va. college sex assault cases-11/13/11 “The analysis of seven schools in Virginia found that campus police investigated 62 reported sex crimes during calendar years 2008, 2009 and 2010, with just seven cases resulting in arrests and four in convictions. Remarkably, none of the convictions involved a student-on-student attack, the most common type of campus sexual assault.”” “The reported assaults are often clouded by alcohol, which had been consumed by the victim, the alleged assailant or both in at least 40 percent of the cases.” “If alcohol is involved and the assault occurs in a party atmosphere, the victim may begin to question herself and even receive criticism from friends.”
College of William and Mary Things to consider before taking shots at alcohol policy-9/27/10 Student’s view on drinking age and effect on peers:  “The truth is that the drinking age is not some maliciously conceived law that aims to restrict the liberties of the country’s youth: It is a fundamentally well intentioned law with the sole purpose of helping keep our families a little safer. The drinking age of 21 years seeks to protect family and friends from going through the tragic ordeals of losing a loved one; yet, at the end of the day, the drinking age does indeed strip Americans of liberties.”
College of William and Mary Students respond to pong ban-9/10/10 “The recent prohibition of beer pong tables has been of particular concern to the College’s Greek community.”  A student said “he understood the College’s concern regarding the role drinking games play in underage drinking, although he does not think that banning beer pong tables will alleviate the problem. Rather, he predicted, it will push drinking games off campus.”
Virginia Colleges Appeals Court Allows Alcohol Ads in Virginia College Newspapers-9/25/13 “A federal appeals court has ruled that student newspapers at Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia can publish advertisements for alcohol despite a regulation banning such ads that the state says is meant to curb underage drinking.”

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