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University of Wisconsin


Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Wisconsin Students

Kelly Nolan, 22, June 22, 2007, University of Wisconsin-Madison How and why? Kelly disappeared in early morning after a night of bar-hopping with friends in downtown Madison. Her body was found more than two weeks later in a ditch.  Long after her tragic end, authorities were still trying to determine the circumstances of her demise.
Daniel Myers, 22, August 27, 2008, University of Wisconsin How and why? Daniel died in a car that crashed into a tree.  Alcohol and speed were "significant contributing factors" to the crash that killed three UW-Madison students.
Lindsey Plank, 23, Stoughton, , August 27, 2008, University of Wisconsin How and why? Lindsey died in a car that crashed into a tree.  Alcohol and speed were "significant contributing factors" to the crash that killed three UW-Madison students.
Richard Putze, 22, August 27, 2008, University of Wisconsin How and why? Richard died in a car that crashed into a tree.  Alcohol and speed were "significant contributing factors" to the crash that killed three UW-Madison students.
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University of Wisconsin in the Press

University of Wisconsin UW-Madison group helps students in recovery Live Free-7/3/16 “The group plans to start meetings for family and friends of people in recovery, organize a film festival, bring in outside speakers and work with other campus groups to reduce the stigma of being in recovery.”
University of Wisconsin To stop sexual assault, alcohol abuse and racism, UW encourages bystanders to act-9/12/16 ” If you see a guy dancing at a party with a woman who is dangerously intoxicated, you can tell him to knock it off, or ask a host to kick him out.”
University of Wisconsin Hump day: UW’s top spot in party school ranking comes with a dark side-Party culture, rape culture are linked in more ways than one-9/14/16 Student view---“ To stop rape and sexual assault, we must closely examine prevalence of certain factors. Reckless party culture perpetuates rape culture. If this fact makes you uncomfortable, good.”
Wisconsin Colleges Excessive alcohol use costs Wisconsin billions, experts call for culture change-3/14/16 “Wisconsin Alcohol Policy project coordinator Julia Sherman said it’s important to note that more people die each year from alcohol poisoning than from drunk driving. She said this predominantly affects young college-aged drinkers.”
University of Wisconsin Campus underage drinking tickets spike as UW police increase patrols-12/11/14 “Underage drinking tickets cost first offenders $263.50, and get more expensive with subsequent offenses. Students cited for drinking can also face sanctions from the university, and many are required to take an alcohol education course as well.”
University of Wisconsin High density of alcohol venues correlates with college student binge drinking-12/10/14 “Additionally, 41.81 percent of UW students become high-risk drinkers after starting college compared to 27.18 percent of students attending other large public universities.”
University of Wisconsin UW-Madison on the map of campuses studied for series on ‘Alcohol’s Hold on Campus’-12/2/14 ““The real problem,” says Sarah A. Van Orman, executive director of University Health Services, was that the downtown area “was already saturated with bars.””
University of Wisconsin at Madison 6 Campuses and the Liquor Surrounding Them-12/1/14 “Clustered mostly on the east side of campus, places to get a drink engulf the university. Four years ago, the city prohibited new bars in the downtown area by issuing the Alcohol Density Licensing Ordinance. The measure was based on research suggesting a correlation between alcohol consumption and crime.”
University of Wisconsin Blank, Berquam address major campus issues-10/6/14 “This year the university has done more work to be transparent about the fact that alcohol abuse on campus is being monitored to address the problems associated with it.”
University of Wisconsin Campus alcohol policy remains dated and ineffective-9/22/14 Student view-“ Rather than putting so much effort into discouraging students from drinking alcohol, the university should work on improving its alternatives to alcohol instead.”
University of Wisconsin-Madison Police: Student's BAC more than 4 times legal limit-8/29/14 “Officers said the man's eyes were watery, glassy and bloodshot, he smelled of intoxicants and was having a hard time standing. His preliminary blood alcohol content was .338, more than four times the legal limit for driving.”
University of Wisconsin New alcohol policy circumvented key campus shared governance groups-3/13/14 “Some members of these shared governance groups said they should have had the opportunity to offer input on the policy.“
University of Wisconsin' When it comes to havoc-wreaking college bashes, UI has company-3/7/14 “The University of Wisconsin's annual Halloween party has a wild past, but police say it's now something Madison can be proud of since the city took over and rebranded the event in 2007.”
University of Wisconsin Campus alcohol service policy takes effect-1/21/14 “For alcoholic beverage service to be permitted, at least two-thirds of attendees must be above the minimum legal drinking age of 21.”
University of Wisconsin-Madison 2 Wis. Students Found with Unsafe Alcohol Levels-10/29/13 “Campus police at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have issued a warning about excessive drinking after two students were found passed out with life-threatening levels of blood alcohol.”
University of Wisconsin Start of school sees spikes in extreme alcohol levels-9/9/13 “As of Aug. 27, 25 underage citations have been issued and 10 students have been sent to detox or a nearby hospital.”
University of Wisconsin-Madison UW officials unhappy with party school ranking-8/5/13 “The University of Wisconsin-Madison's ranking as the nation's eighth-best party school was met Monday not with a toast but a sigh by those who work to curb underage drinking and the problems that go with it.”
University of Wisconsin Following Rose Bowl incident, Ward says UW-Madison needs to review its alcohol policies-1/30/12 Sudden recognition!—“ "In this culture and our society today, [drinking] is a generic issue, not particular to athletics," Ward said. "I don't think there's a quick fix."”
University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus Connection: Ward says many UW donors comfortable funding social drinking-1/28/12 “UW-Madison interim Chancellor David Ward says…” “The university needs to review its off-campus alcohol guidelines in the wake of an alleged alcohol-fueled, sexual assault scandal that led a top athletic department official to resign earlier this month.  But  he doesn't necessarily have a problem with gift funds being used to purchase alcohol for university-sponsored events."I'm a guy who is willing to examine anything, but I think the idea of having conviviality around decent drinking of alcohol at social occasions, I think many of our donors are comfortable with that,"”
University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus Connection: Report reviewing Chadima incident opens door to new concerns-1/27/12 -- During at least each of the past four Badger bowl game trips, Chadima has hosted a party for staff and student workers who contribute "behind the scenes" in support of the Badgers football team. This year's party, which was held in Chadima's university-paid-for suite at the upscale J.W. Marriott hotel in Los Angeles, began about 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 30, lasted into the early morning hours of the next day and included "alcohol, beer and mixers from which guests were invited to serve themselves" -- even though some were under the legal drinking age of 21.”
University of Wisconsin-Madison U. of Wisconsin Athletics Official Resigns Over Sexual-Misconduct Accusation-1/25/12 “According to an independent report released this week, Mr. Chadima asked the student, whom he believed to be gay, to stay behind after the party to have a drink with him. Mr. Chadima later removed the student’s belt and inserted his hand inside his pants.”
University of Wisconsin MSU shows higher crime numbers at fraternities than neighboring Wisconsin-11/14/11 “No arrests were made at Wisconsin fraternities in 2010, and three have been made so far this year. About 15 total arrests were made last year at MSU IFC fraternities”
University of Wisconsin A BASIC solution-9/26/11 Students’ view:  “On a campus plagued with alcohol abuse, nothing can be more important than education.”  “Currently at UW there are two options for alcohol related punishment: Depending on the severity of the event, students will either be issued a warning or have the transgression noted on their permanent record. BASICS provides an in-between option, allowing students to learn from their mistake, but not have it follow them around for life.”
University of Wisconsin-Madison UO ranks high for student drug, alcohol use-6/4/11 Based on government data, University of Wisconsin-Madison and other schools rank high in number of alcohol violations.   Is this evidence of higher illegal and high risk drinking on these campuses or a more diligent effort to control the activities and risk?----- Source: Federal Department of Education 2009 data
University of Wisconsin Learning not to booze on campus-1/22/11 “I see many students who really do stupid things when they’re drinking,”” said a Madison alcohol counselor.  ““We’ve seen a tremendous number of kids end up in detox, just because they drink too much, too fast.  Alcohol in Wisconsin is a date rape drug.”” 

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