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University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in the Press

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Mother of Binge Drinking Victim Urges Students and Parents to Discuss Signs of Alcohol Poisoning, Emphasize Peer Responsibility Prior to Spring Break-3/11/10 “It’s much easier for a student to call for medical help than to call a friend’s parents and explain to them why their son or daughter died of alcohol poisoning,”
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Some want to see stronger restrictions on bar crawls after Hecht death-4/18/12 “UW-Milwaukee students drinking Wednesday, April 18th to celebrate the Brewers game say drinking is just part of the college experience. “That’s what people do to have fun around here. We go downtown, and we enjoy and indulge in alcoholic beverages,” UWM student TS said.”

Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Students

Ali Raddatz  18, February 28, 2009, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee How and why? Ali had taken prescription painkillers and was drinking raspberry rum in her  dorm room Friday night. She then went with friends to a party.  She was last seen alive when she was moved from a bedroom into the living room at about 2:30 a.m.  Ali was snoring and never woke up as she was being moved.
Luke Murphy, 19, March 30, 2009, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee How and why?  A lethal combination of alcohol and a prescription drug - Suboxone - likely played a role in Luke's death who was found dead Monday in a dorm suite.
Ryan Fieck, 23, October 10, 2010, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee How and why? Ryan was headed home from a pub crawl when he fell more than ten feet into the base of a retaining wall.  The pub crawl was a sold out event that included 14 area bars.
Patrick Martin, 23, April 5, 2011, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee How and why? Patrick lost his life when he fell down a set of stairs while partying at a friend's house.  Prior to the fatal injury Patrick reportedly became heavily intoxicated drinking whiskey and beer.  His alcohol blood content was measured at .268.  
Nick Wilcox, 24, January 1, 2013, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee More Information Nick lost his life after celebrating New Years eve.  Nick drowned in the Milwaukee River and was found nearly three months later.  Tests showed his blood alcohol level to be 0.22 percent.
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