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University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in the Press

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Wis. campus plans alcohol task force-9/7/11 “A survey last spring found that nearly three quarters of UW-Stevens Point students reported drinking within the last month. Nearly half - 46% - reported binge drinking over the last month. Forty-four percent said they suffered memory loss. The survey also found that half the students said others' drinking affected their sleep and 42% said it interrupted their studies.”
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Our View: Deaths bring us, again, to alcohol culture-5/12/12 “We can be stubborn about it -- offended that anyone would suggest Wisconsin has a problem. But supporting a society that is soaked in alcohol use has consequences, and often those come in the form of young lives ending tragically.”
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Recent deaths show drinking culture difficult to heal-5/7/12 “Tragedies do spur new action. After Duffey's death in March, the coalition is setting up training for bartenders about overserving, and passing out blood alcohol calculators to help people gauge whether they are impaired.”
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Mike Nichols column: The serial killer is in the bottle-3/10/12 “Nine young men died in the river between 1997 and 2010. Now there are two more who've met the same fate elsewhere in Wisconsin. “  “There are well-worn lessons I hope some college kid someplace will stick on his refrigerator and see when he opens it to grab a few beers before heading to the bar for more of the same. Know your limit, and keep a close eye on whatever buddy doesn't know his.”  “Realize, too, that the only serial killer in these cases is the one that comes in a bottle.”
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Bracelets Designed to Keep Students Safe at UW-Stevens Point-11/21/13 “The bracelet says "bring a buddy" to remind students, but also has the phone number of a cab company written on them if they need a ride home.”
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Change culture of college binge drinking: Our View-10/4/13 “It is up to us — all of us — to keep Duffey’s death from becoming routine.”
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Change the culture of college binge drinking-10/3/13 “It takes huge efforts to make even small changes in the culture, and binge drinking is a deep-rooted cultural problem in Wisconsin.”
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point UW-Stevens Point emphasizes drug, alcohol policies by posting consequences in residence halls-9/4/14 “Stevens Point has plastered the consequences for violating drug and alcohol policies throughout every residence hall on campus.”
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Update: University codifying drug and alcohol violations-9/3/14 “Officers are taking a proactive approach this year, with officers visiting groups of students and talking with landlords before there's a problem.”


Recent Alcohol-Related Tragedies involving University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Students

Eric Duffey, 21, March 3, 2012, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point More Information Eric was reported missing after leaving a celebration of his 21st birthday.   He was found days later in the Wisconsin River.  His blood/alcohol level was tested at .196.
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